Kevin Dunn Reportedly Did Not Think Becky Lynch Was Attractive Enough For WWE

A hell of a comment to make about one of the biggest women’s stars of all time.

Becky Lynch’s rise to the top of the WWE has not been without controversy and Kevin Dunn has reportedly in the past had issues with Lynch’s Irish accent but now it seems Dunn didn’t believe Becky was attractive enough for WWE and his standards.

Leslie Lee of Struggle Session reports she spoke with a source who worked with Dunn in WWE and was told:

“besides her accent Dunn also took issue with Lynch’s looks, finding them not up to Dunn’s exacting standards.”

“I’ll never forget this weasel telling us that Becky Lynch isn’t good-looking enough,”

Source of Leslie Lee Of Struggle Session

Since 2016 of course, Lynch has risen to the top of the WWE as “The Man” and reinventing herself as “Big Time Becks” in recent months.

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