Ex-WWE Superstar Adds To The Vince McMahon Allegations

As we all know by now, Vince McMahon has been under fire recently after allegations of misconduct, having NDA’s and several other things have come to light.

Now, more fuel was added to the fire after a new article from the New York Intelligencer features comments from Leonard Inzitari. He used to work as Mario Mancini for WWE (WWF) from 1984 to 1991. He ended up corroborating Rita Chatterton’s allegations. Rita, who originally came forward in 1992 to accuse McMahon of sexually assaulting her in 1986. However, no charges were brought against McMahon because of the statute of limitations running out prior to her public accusation.

I remember it like it was yesterday, she was a wreck. She was shaking. She was crying. He’s dug himself such a deep hole that I’m just tired of it. I can’t do it anymore. I’ll tell you why I’m hopping on the bandwagon now. There’s worse stuff than that.

– Leonard Inzitari via New York Intelligencer

The article also featured Rita Chatterton’s own comments about Vince McMahon’s latest scandal concerning the hush money and the paralegal in WWE.

He’s not gonna pay for what he did to me. Now this girl’s come forward, and I’m sure others will come forward. Because we’re not the only two. There’s not a doubt in my mind about that.

– Rita Chatterton via New York Intelligencer

We will keep you updated on the ongoing story and we’ll be sure to report any new information incoming about the accusations towards Vince McMahon.

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