Matt Hardy Thinks Too Cool Would’ve Fit In With The Classic TLC Matches

In the early 2000’s, WWF/E’s Tag Team division was one like no other. The Hardy’s, The Dudley’s, Edge & Christian, APA & Too Cool amongst many others. The division really began heating up at the creation of the Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) matches between the Hardy’s, Dudley’s & Edge and Christian. Matt Hardy spoke about this on a recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast where he says he believes Too Cool could’ve fit in well with the chaos of the TLC matches.

If they would have been involved like in the TLC stuff, if they had been in the in the Ladder Matches, the Table Matches, and TLC Matches, they’d have been a lot more beloved, I think they were great. I think they were a very integral part of the tag team division at this time and they were over huge. Every night. They were one of the biggest pops. But I feel like, just the three teams, you know, myself, my brother, Edge, Christian, and the Dudleyz, that were involved in that were almost like a level above everyone else because of our TLC contributions.

– Matt Hardy via The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy Podcast

When asked if Too Cool and their style would’ve fit in with the other three teams in the TLC matches, Matt thinks they would’ve.

I think they could have, I do think they could have, I think they would have been very smart and unique about the way they interacted and they would do some funny stuff, some comedy stuff, but I think there would have been room for them in there. I think they would have done okay in that.

– Matt Hardy via The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy Podcast

We’ll never know what could’ve been if Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay joined the classic TLC matches, but it’s fun to imagine the craziness that would’ve occurred if it did happen. The career of Too Cool could’ve been drastically different.

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