Jorge Masvidal Calls Out Conor McGregor, Willing To Put BMF Title On The Line

Jorge Masvidal has wanted the Conor McGregor fight in the past and it’s one that still interests him. The current BMF champion hasn’t been seen since his UFC 272 loss to Colby Covington. But, he’s willing to come back and put his title on the line, as well as a cash prize.

Jorge Masvidal recently sat down with Blockasset to discuss the potential matchup against Conor McGregor, who is one of UFC’s biggest drawing stars and would pull big money for a fight between the two. He’s even willing to put the BMF Championship on the line.

Obviously, before this guy overdoses on cocaine and then the fight never happens and I don’t get to make all that easy money, I just want to break Conor’s face, Let’s get that paycheck, let’s get that out of the way, selling the most pay-per-views ever before this guy does harm to himself or somebody else. I just, like, boom, get that check real quick because I got kids, right? I need the f****** money. I’d bring out the BMF belt only for a bad m*********** and some cash money, you a bad m***********, you got money, let’s put some money, let’s get a little escrow going. I put a couple million aside, you put a couple million aside and it comes with the belt as a cherry on top. That’s what a bad m*********** would do is get this money. It’s there, but it has to be right under my stipulations, and with that belt I’m like a f****** tyrant.

– Jorge Masvidal via Blockasset

A potential fight against McGregor would be massive, no doubt, but the Welterweight Championship is still on Jorge’s mind, especially after being called out recently by Leon Edwards.

That’s another intangible, am I going to say no to fighting for the title? Hell no. I’ll get my ass in shape and get ready for this f****** hooligan and give it all I got to break his face. There’s a lot of intangibles, a lot of things that can happen. I could be getting ready for No. 10 of the world and then all of a sudden I’m fighting for the world championship. Remember, I’m Jorge Masvidal, I’m the same guy that took that world championship fight on six days’ notice in the middle of the [Coronavirus] pandemic, flew all the way across the world to throw down that fight. What I’m telling you is I don’t even know what I’m going to do myself. I’m unpredictable like that. I’m going to go with the best options all the time.

– Jorge Masvidal via Blockasset

Wether it’s Conor McGregor or Leon Edwards, it’s unclear when any of those fights could happen. But, Masvidal has his eyes set on a November-December return.

I would say I would love to be [at Madison Square Garden] in December, It’s a strong possibility, November, December. Definitely going to fight this year, no matter what. I don’t want to talk too much about it, but as you know I’ve got some problems and stuff that I’ve got to deal with. But I’m gonna be in there.

– Jorge Masvidal via Blockasset

H/T BlockAsset, MMAFighting.

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