Exclusive: Billie Starkz Reveals How The Swanton Came To Be Her Finishing Move

Billie Starkz has taken the wrestling world by storm already in her young career, as the 17 year old prodigy has become one of the top independent wrestling talents in the sport.

Billie was recently a quest on’s INDIE’d Podcast hosted by Mike Hamley. The interview covered a large variety of topics, but one of those was how the Swanton came to be her finishing move. She revealed that the finishing move started out of boredom during during the Covid Pandemic, while in quarantine and how it started with doing 450’s but eventually progressed to the swanton.

Mike Hamley: What led to the Swanton being your finish?

Billie Starkz: So during the quarantine, I got bored and was like, I wanna do a 450 and proceeded to do 450’s and I hate them cause I have no control. I can do it. Doesn’t mean I want to. Then I just started working on the Swanton and making it like mine and pretty as possible. So I decided that it was gonna become my finisher, cuz I was like “Screw 450’s cause they’re scary.” I like Swantons cause it’s more of a fall and I have more control. I was like, “If they roll out, I can still reach ’em. If they roll in, I can still reach them.” With a 450, they have to be in the perfect spot or you’re getting knees to the face or I scorpion myself.

Mike Hamley: For sure. That’s weird to me that you’d say that the Swanton is like less scary than the 450 cause, like, you have such a late rotation on yours, and it looks so awesome, but it’s basically a head first dive until the rotation.

Billie Starkz: But I enjoy it cause I can see where I’m going the entire time. With the 450 my rotations so quick that I feel like I’m just giving myself whiplash.

Mike Hamley: True. That’s interesting. I’ve never actually heard the wrestler’s side of anything like that. Like from the viewer’s standpoint, it’s just, “Oh my God. That’s a head first dive and then a quick, late rotation. That looks terrifying.”

Billie Starkz: See, I feel like moonsaults are scarier cause when I can’t see where my opponent is and when I’m going backwards, I’m like, “Oh no, where am I?”

You can read the full interview transcription by clicking HERE.

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