Eddie Kingston Calls Body Shamers Of Wrestlers “Evil, Disgusting Human Beings”

There is a lot to be made of Booker T’s comments regarding Adam Cole’s size earlier this week.

Eddie Kingston is a guy who doesn’t tend to have a filter when he has the chance to speak. Kingston has been a champion of mental health since signing for AEW, being more than open about his struggles mentally. Recently, Booker T came out and stated that Adam Cole needed to get bigger due to him being too small. Many in the pro wrestling community have come out in support of Cole, including Renee Paquette and Hangman Adam Page.

While speaking on the MackMania podcast, Eddie Kingston stated that those who body-shame him and Adam Cole are disgusting and jealous haters.

“If you don’t like it, don’t watch. If you wanna rip on someone or knock on somebody, okay man, I feel bad for you because that’s what gets your rocks off, you’re an evil, disgusting human being. That’s all it is and I hope you never have somebody rip on you like that. When it comes to Adam Cole, none of y’all are as athletic as him, for those people that are saying that. Also, y’all are jealous. My man’s living the good life”.”

“one of them would ever step in the ring. Not to fight, I mean just even run the ropes, you know what I mean? Or even just step in there and they’re like, well that’s not my job. Well, my man, you don’t see me bothering you at your job, you know what I mean? Telling you how to clean the floor.”

Kingston is in a program with Chris Jericho at current and will feature on the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door card this Sunday in a six man tag team match at the event. It is good to see two in ring rivals praise and defend each other.

H/T Wrestling Inc

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