Killer Kross Open To Working With AEW In The Future

It looks like Killer Kross could be on his way to All Elite Wrestling.

Despite coming close to showing up on AEW Dynamite a few weeks back during MJF and Wardlow’s feud, there hasn’t been much talk of Kross signing with Tony Khan’s promotion. However, Tony has said that he would love to work with Cross at some point and now Kross has echoed that sentiment.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip, Kross addressed the conversations he had with Tony Khan.

“There was a story that leaked recently about me being in conversations with Tony Khan and AEW. Like, some conversations are meant to be private and I like the guy. I’m not gonna go out there and discuss what was said but, there are a lot of people that upon getting that phone call would just take his money and maybe they’re in a position where they absolutely have to. I’m not gonna do that to him. I have too much respect for him and the place and my friends that work there to just take the money and come in and do something that I am absolutely certain in that conversation is less than what I’m actually capable of doing for him and with everybody else. I’d rather be upfront and honest and just say I think that this idea or this concept would be better suited for somebody else. I know what I can do and I’m not interested in doing anything less than my best work and it’s like I told you, I’m not in this to do this to set myself up for retirement. It’s not why I’m doing this. I’m doing this because I love it so, I wanna be engaged and really care and be able to feel and know that when people see that I’m gonna be involved in doing something, that it’s gonna be, you know, my best work so, I don’t wanna be pigeonholed by anything so, I’d definitely be interested and open to working there but, in the right setting under the right circumstances,”

Killer Kross to Two Man Power Trip

Being a former NXT Champion, Kross is a well known face for many fans and that would probably lead to Kross signing with AEW being good for all involved, but time will tell if AEW decide to sign him in the future.

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