Madcap Moss Talks About The Advice Goldberg Gave Him At Elimination Chamber

It looks like Goldberg has a keen eye on Madcap Moss.

Earlier this year, WWE presented Elimination Chamber from Saudi Arabia and both Goldberg and Madcap Moss featured on that card. Now, Moss has revealed a piece of advice given to him by the former Universal Champion.

Moss joined KFAN 100.3’s Power Trip Morning Show After Party Podcast on Wednesday to promote his return to his home state of Minnesota and WWE’s return to Minneapolis for the June 17th episode of Smackdown.

“My favorite wrestler growing up was Goldberg, Bill Goldberg in WCW, from the football aspect of his career. He played for the Falcons and at the University of Georgia, too. He was just so intense, man, and he was a monster physically. He was so physically imposing and impressive. The security would knock on his locker room door to come to get him before his match, and you’d hear just a thud in the background, and then he’d come out, and he’d have a mark on his forehead because he had just headbutted the steel locker to get ready for his match. That’s just how he was, man. It was 100%, 100 miles an hour, full intensity all the time for him, and it drew me to him. I love him, and at an event in WWE Elimination Chamber, we were both on the show. I had a match against Drew McIntyre. He had a match against Roman Reigns, and it was the first time I actually got to meet him, and it was really cool. We got to hang out for about a weekend and talk, and he kind of passed on some knowledge to me and definitely some stuff that I try to emulate in my performance today”.

Madcap Moss on Power Trip Morning Show

Goldberg lost to Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber event. However, the advice he gave Madcap is clearly something Moss will value throughout the rest of his career.

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