Dominick Reyes On Who He’d Like To Fight And When He Aims To Return

On the June13, 2022 edition of The MMA Hour, UFC Light Heavyweight Dominick Reyes called in to chat with Ariel Helwani about his future and how he’s been. During the conversation, Dominick, who we haven’t seen compete since his loss to the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jiri Prochazka in May of 2021, revealed when he aims to return to the octagon.

[I’m shooting for October] Yeah, it might have been sooner but everyone’s booked up, you know one through whoever you know, everyone’s booked up. So, the way i see it is, these guys are going to be fighting coming up soon, give them a little time and then come back in the fourth quarter if they’re feeling good, but, we’ll see.

– Dominick Reyes on The MMA Hour

Ariel Helwani then went on to ask Dominick if he had any opponents in mind for his return.

There’s just one guy I’ve always wanted to fight and that’s Anthony Smith. Other than that, I mean, it doesn’t really matter.

– Dominick Reyes on The MMA Hour

Ariel Helwani then went on to ask why he would choose Anthony Smith as an opponent.

I feel like we both just kinda like, we’ve been on this parallel path, you know? Like we’ve both kinda came onto the scene at the same time, we were kinda moving the same speed, going the same way but we’ve never crossed paths and I feel like it’s destiny. I feel like we need to cross paths before it’s all said and done. It just makes sense.

– Dominick Reyes on The MMA Hour

Dominick then when on to predict what Anthony Smith’s answer to his challenge would be.

I already know what he’s going to say, “oh, I have other business going on, I got [Magomed] Ankalaev [blah, blah, blah] I’m [Dominick] too behind”, it’s not about that, dude. We’ll see what happens.

– Dominick Reyes on The MMA Hour

Ariel Helwani went on to interview Anthony Smith mere minutes later, where he had this to say about Dominick Reyes’ challenge.

I’ve always said that I would love to fight Dominick Reyes and I think a long time ago, I think he kind of took offense to that. I think some of that is he was climbing to the top, getting close to a title shot, he’s trying to be the best in the world, I get it, I get it. I’ve been there. So then we kind of had this weird little heat, it wasn’t super serious but it was definitely weird. But, to his point, I’m not getting any younger so if I’m setting my targets on somebody, as impressive as a win over Dominick Reyes is to me and what it means to the boys in the back and the other guys in the division, it means nothing to the UFC.

– Anthony Smith on The MMA Hour

Anthony Smith then went on to give Dominick some advice on how to get that fight to come to fruition.

He is on a losing streak, he can fight in the time that I have a fight, he can take a fight or whatever, I don’t necessarily fight four times a year anymore, it’s not like I’m fighting every three months so, I’m absolutely open to fighting Dominick Reyes but he’s got to get on a winning streak. 

– Anthony Smith on The MMA Hour

It seems as if Anthony Smith his open to a fight possibly in the future, if Dominick strings together some wins. Listen to both interviews in full down below:

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