Mystery Of Hangman Page’s Stolen Candy Bar Seemingly Revealed

Hangman Page’s missing candy bar has been found.

We’ve all been there. Thinking of eating a nice treat, going to look for the snack you were sure you had saved and then finding its already gone. Last month, Hangman Adam Page went through this dilemma, sharing his thoughts on the matter with his Twitter followers. The shocking thing was, Hangman had accused the ‘guy who came to work on his ac’.

the guy who came to work on our air condition stole my candy bar. there is no other possible explanation. i am planning to confront him.

Hangman Page on Twitter

It has been close to a month since Page made this tweet, with no update of what happened when Page confronted the accused thief of his property. Hangman seemingly provided an update today on the matter and it appears Hangman may have been misled…

can i still eat a reeses fast break that i found in the back of the cabinet, its like a month old and kinda softish ?

Hangman Page on Twitter

It appears Hangman Page has found the missing candy in the back of his cabinet. The dates add up and it is disgusting Page would accuse an innocent person of a crime. Page would continue, detailing what he did next:

i ate it. not as good when mushy, reckon it melted because our ac has been broken. join me for aew dynamite tomorrow at 8, i will be wrestling konosuke takeshita.

Hangman Page On Twitter

Not only has Hangman Page accused someone of stealing, he is also slandering their ability to install an AC unit. This is shocking behaviour from the AEW World Champion and any further news on this controversy will be brought to

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