CM Punk Rejects Idea Of Kenta Match At Forbidden Door

Well, it was fun to fantasy book this match while it lasted.

Kenta and CM Punk squaring off is one of those matches every fan has considered at one time or another. Both stars have successfully utilized the Go To Sleep move as a finisher, with both fans using it to great applause by fans. When Forbidden Door was announced, of course the first match involving CM Punk would be Kenta.

While speaking to Connor Casey of Comic Book, CM Punk was asked if a match against KENTA interested him. Punk simply made it clear he has no interest in this match:

(Would you face Kenta at AEW Forbidden Door?)


CM Punk to Connor Casey of Comic Book

Of course, Kenta has already reacted to this interview and posted his reaction to his Twitter:

It is unfortunate we will not get to see this match when NJPW and AEW collide in June. What do you make of Punk’s refusual to face Kenta? Let us know on our social media pages and our sites comment section.

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