Identities of 4/11 Raw Extras Revealed

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw featured an ample amount of extras in the 24/7 Championship segment. The segment, which served as the bachelorette party of both Dana Brooke and Tamina in their upcoming weddings, was crashed by Reginald, R-Truth, Nikki ASH and Los Lotharios.

Meanwhile, at least seven professional wrestlers other than that were involved in the segment. Shannon Walsh of Wrestling With Demons identified Miranda Gordy, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Terry Gordy, as one of the key guests. Walsh also noted that Raychell Rose, Kayla Sparks and Leila Grey were involved. Raychell Rose confirmed and commented on the subject on Twitter following it airing.

Other wrestlers to appear include Ashley D’Amboise, JAH-C and CPA. It’s worth noting that all seven identified performers have had matches on AEW television. D’Amboise is the most recognizable figure from Dark and Dark: Elevation, having worked sixteen matches for the promotion dating back to her debut against Penelope Ford almost a year-to-the-day. Her most recent action for AEW was a match against Diamante in Boston that also aired Monday night. The tape delay of Elevation gave D’Amboise the distinction of being just the fourth person to appear on WWE and AEW programming in the same night. The other three are the aforementioned Sparks, Cameron Stewart and Kelsey Heather.

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