Eddie Kingston Provides Update On His Eye Injury

Eddie Kingston has not been seen on AEW TV since the January 11 episode of AEW Dark when he took on Joey Janela. He was then pulled from an appearance at The WRLD on GCW due to an eye injury and is not currently medically cleared.

During a recent interview with WrestleTalk  Eddie Kingston provided an update on his injury and stated that he was ready to go.

“The injury is great. I’m ready to go right now. If the doctors would clear me, I would go, I would just have to protect (my eye) the whole time. I’m also used to that. I’ve had this injury before. On the independents, you have to go, I gotta make money and pay rent. My eye before…what happened was, I had the match, things happen, it’s not ballet, we’re fighting and I like to keep it as realistic as possible. I blew my nose and my eye swelled up. I said, ‘Oh, it’s an orbital, without a doubt.’ I’ve had it before. I wanted to ask the AEW doctor, ‘is it alright if I cut it again?’ ‘What are you talking about?’ ‘I cut it, don’t do things for a little bit, and then I’m fine.’ He’s like, ‘No, go to the doctor.’ That’s what I would do on the independents, I would cut it a little, get the blood or the air out and then work the next day.”

Kingston would then go into detail on how his eye would hurt when he worked out because he was lifting too much weight, but has learned how to manage that.

Kingston was then asked when he would be able to return.

I want to come back now. This is not my call. Now, I’m with a major company. It’s their call. I’m a product of them and they are paying me. They don’t want to send out something that is injured that they are paying or they don’t want to risk their investment in me or get me re-injured. I’m a product. I don’t mean to make it sound so cold, but it’s reality. We’re pieces to a machine.”

There has been no timetable set for Kingston’s return but, we are sure to see some fallout over his latest involvement in his most recent storyline between himself and the leader of The Inner Circle Chris Jericho.

Below is Eddie’s full interview with WrestleTalk.

H/T to Fightful for quotes.

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