Fox and USA Network Interested in MJF

MJF is known as one of the “four pillars” of AEW, alongside Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin and Jungle Boy. He has been a staple of AEW programming since the promotion’s debut on television as AEW has taken the world of professional wrestling by storm.

In a recent report by Andrew Zarian on F4W, multiple people within Fox and the USA Network have taken interest in MJF. It’s being reported that MJF’s program with CM Punk has sparked the interest of non-pro wrestling fans at both networks. Zarian notes that one person told him “I actually stopped what I was doing and listened to him. I don’t think I have done that with pro wrestling in a long time.” MJF’s AEW contract expires in 2024 and MJF himself has teased a “2024 bidding war” between promotions.

“I have been asked personally by multiple people within Fox and USA regarding current AEW roster member MJF as his program with CM Punk has brought in a new level of interest from non-pro wrestling followers at both networks.”

-Andrew Zarian on F4W

WWE is interested in MJF and Zarian reported that conversations about MJF have occurred in WWE. Per one WWE employee, the general narrative about MJF is that “he has everything we would want.” With WWE shifting it’s focus towards new stars, 2024 is set to be an interesting year for MJF.

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