WWE Downplayed Jeff Hardy’s Incident Over the Weekend

Earlier today, WWE released Jeff Hardy after another five-year stint with the company.

Hardys release came after an incident over the weekend, that saw him exit the arena in the middle of a match. It now looks like WWE had may have hoped things wouldn’t escalate to where they are now.

During a live YouTube broadcast today Sean Ross Sapp of did state that after the incident on Saturday he asked WWE for more clarity on the situation. He reports that the company downplayed the incident and stated that “Jeff had an off night and they hoped he would get better.”

“When I asked, I think it was Sunday about what happened Saturday I was told, well it was an off night for him and we’re hoping he’ll get better. It was downplayed internally to me.”

Sapp also stated that he believed Hardy would have received another push for the Universal Title. After the news of his release today it was also revealed by Fightful that WWE had offered Hardy rehab but he declined, which is looking like the reason for his release.

We here at are all prying For you Jeff and send nothing but positive vibes.

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