ICW. Fight Club 27.11.21 – Match recap and Results

L.J. Clearey & Leyton Buzzard VS The 99

Clearey & Morris to start the match off with a chant off between the 99 and Blehhh, while the crowd are enjoying this Buzzard makes the blind tag comes in and gets 2 huge clotheslines from Morris who tags in Divers. Divers throws Buzzard into the corner and follows up with a big splash, Buzzard dives across the ring to tag in Clearey. Collar and Elbow tie up from Clearey & Divers, Divers gets the headlock control, but Clearey escapes and hits some kicks. Buzzard again makes the blind tag and creeps behind Divers and hits a big suplex into a float over pin for a 2 count. Buzzard throws Divers into the corner and chokes him against the top rope and then against the bottom. Clearey comes over and breaks up the choke pulling back his partner. Divers strikes out at Buzzard, but Clearey pulls him out of the way. Divers puts the headlock on Buzzard then sends him across the ring, each of them run the ropes and hit a double clothes line and they’re both down. Slowly they each crawl to their corners for the tag. Divers’ tags in Morris but as Buzzard gets to Clearey he flips him off and stays in the ring, the 99 grab Buzzard and hit a Death Valley Driver for a close 2 count. Morris goes for a suplex on Buzzard, but he escapes and tags in Clearey. Clearey with strikes to Morris then a big back elbow followed by a second rope single leg drop kick for a 2 count. Clearey goes for the code red and hits it but Buzzard blind tags in again, the two men argue allowing Morris to regain his composure and kick out at 2. Buzzard goes for some mounted strikes and then misses a 450 splash Buzzard struggles to his corner for the tag, but Clearey jumps down from the apron. Morris hits a step up enziguri then the Clyde Valley driver for the 1..2..3. After the match Buzzard challenges Clearey to a match at Fear and Loathing.

Your Winners By Pinfall The 99.

Rosie Nyte VS Rhio

Nyte offers the handshake but then pulls Rhio into a headlock. Rhio powers her off and then hits a shoulder block and a double arm suplex. Rhio picks up Nyte and throws her from corner to corner. Rhio hits a clothesline then a big forearm onto Nyte’s back. Rhio applies the full nelson and ragdolls Nyte. Finally, Nyte escapes the hold but Rhio kicks her in the face and lines up a sunset flip. Nyte avoids the flip but Rhio connects with a heel kick and a fisherman’s Suplex for the 1..2..3. After the match Rhio calls out Kasey for Fear & Loathing.

Your winner by Pinfall Rhio

Luke Kyro VS Kai Williams King. (King Killa on Commentary)

King slips round Kyro and applies a waist lock into a headlock to start the match. The bigger man throws Kyro off the ropes and puts him down with a shoulder block, Kyro goes for a quick pin attempt but barely gets a 1 count. Another attempt by Kyro and another 1 count. King throws Kyro into the corner and hits multiple strikes. Kyro escapes hitting a neck breaker on King for a 2 count. Kyro tries a lariat but King shrugs it off King hits his own lariat for a 2 count, Kyro gets thrown into the corner but bounces back with a flying back elbow and both men are down. Back up and the two men exchange lariats, Kyro slips to the outside and slingshot spears King through the ropes 1..2.. King is up and hits a Belly to Back suplex then some knees to the body for another 2 count King goes for a suplex but Kyro escapes. King goes for the suplex again but Kyro escapes and rolls into a schoolboy for a 2 count. Kyro lines up for the Kyroscope but King Killa jumps up from commentary to cause enough of a distraction for King to grab Kyro and hit the Falcon Arrow for the 1..2..3.

Your Winner by Pinfall Kai Willliams King.

Moxie Malone VS Anastasia

Lock up and Anastasia powers the pair into the ropes. Clean break. Another lock up into the corner this time and another clean break. Malone, frustrated, hits a straight punch to Anastasia’s chest. Malone puts a stretch on Anastasia but she escapes with a hip toss. Anastasia hits an elbow to the throat and then does a cartwheel into big kicks and a 2 count. Headlock from Malone leads into a reverse arm stretch with her knee pressing into Anastasia’s back. Anastasia powers out and hits drop kick to Malone, a series of kicks and hits eat-da-feet. Malone escapes the onslaught and jumps on Anastasia’s back going for another Submission, Anastasia squashes Malone in the corner and hits two kicks to the face She goes for the pin but Malone kicks out at 2. Jaw breaker from Malone puts Anastasia down in the corner where she gets choked with a boot to the throat. Malone wraps Anastasia’s arms around the ropes for a 4 count she goes for a bulldog on Anastasia who turns it into a slam then hits a Slaymore kick for the 1..2..3

Your Winner by pinfall Anastasia

Saquib Ali VS Levi VS Martin Kirby VS Tallon Jr Fatal 4 way match

Tallon Jr and Martin Kirby start by Drop kicking Ali and Levi out of the ring. Tallon takes down Kirby and Levi comes back in hitting a hurricanrana, sending Tallon into Kirby. Levi with a double stomp to Tallon’s back then Levi goes for a punch and misses, Tallon goes for a punch and misses and Levi grabs Tallon in a bear hug. Ali comes back and uses the position to turn the bear hug into a heart attack double team move. Ali and Levi lift up Tallon and go to send him into the ropes but he leaps onto the middle off the top rope breaking the hold. out of nowhere Kirby comes in and hits a sunset flip on Levi who grabs hold of Tallon suplexing him in one continuous move, Kirby is split open over his right eye. Ali hits a fisherman’s suplex on Kirby all four men apply the Russian leg sweep and all four go down. Tallon Jr goes for the pin on Ali and gets a 2 count. Ali hits a belly to back suplex on Tallon, Tallon comes back from the top rope and hits a sunset flip on Ali. Kirby breaks the pin attempt and goes for a submission on Kirby but he escapes Tallon meanwhile grabs Levi and hits a dragon suplex. Ali hits a stunner on Tallon then another on Levi then Kirby flies off the top rope to hit an RKO and get a 2 count on Ali. Levi hits an uppercut on Tallon and another but Kirby interferes and sends Levi into Tallon’s crotch. Ali breaks up Kirby’s pin attempt. Tallon and Levi grab hold of Kirby aiming to throw him out the ring, but he locks in a crucifix pin attempt on both men getting a 2 count. Ali and Levi both jump on Kirby going for another pin but Tallon flies across the ring to break up the pin. Levi and Ali exchange blows and fight outside of the ring Levi rolls back into the ring and Kirby grabs him with a surprise roll up for the 1..2..3 After the match Sweeney says he is done with Levi.

Your Winner by pinfall Martin Kirby

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