Hangman’s First Feud as Champion

The first feud for someone who has become world champion for the first time is very important. It helps establish the champion and how the reign is going to be, especially for those who are world champions for the first time.

‘Hangman’ Page ‘s first challenger for his AEW title is no other than Bryan Danielson. ‘The American Dragon’ was the right choice as ‘Hangman’s’ first challenger. He’s a credible threat and the match itself is going to be great.

Bryan Danielson is one of the smartest wrestlers in the world and as soon his program with Page began, he slightly turned heel while it makes sense, it also makes sense due to ‘Hangman’ being the most over babyface in the promotion and Danielson was going to get boos no matter what.

Danielson’s premise of kicking the heads of The Dark Order while avoiding Page has been an interesting stories these last two weeks, and it looks to be that way this week too.

This program and his run so far in AEW, are reminding people about what the ‘American Dragon’ was all about before he joined WWE 12 years ago.Bryan Danielson’s run in AEW has been a successful one despite the short period of time.

Hangman as a champion has shown fire every time he confronts Danielson and doesn’t back down. This feud is cooking something special for both wrestlers and there’s no doubts that the match itself will be great.