ICW Fight Cub 13.11.21 Recap and Results

Daz Black VS Levi (Sweeney)

Black grabs the microphone and announces that he is making this a championship match.

Levi runs out from the bell, striking Black in the face and whips him into the corner, Black reverses this whipping Levi into the corner, Black rolls out with a kick and hits a shining wizard for a 2 count. Daz hits a chop to the throat, a flying forearm, Levi hits a satellite DDT into a stun gun. Levi goes for a springboard hurricanrana but Black catches him and hits a powerbomb then a belly to back suplex, 2 count. Black hits a shoulder strike and a Pele kick then a running neutralizer but misses and Levi locks in a cross face. Black manages to break the hold with a foot on the bottom rope. Levi goes to the top rope and gets hit by a jumping shining wizard by Black followed by a curb stomp for a 2 count. Daz lifts Levi up and hits a second curb stomp 1,2,3.

Your Winner by Pinfall and still Zero G Champion Daz Black.

The Purge VS The Manifesto Grant McIver & Eddie Castle

James and Castle tie up to begin the match, James with strikes and then press slams Castle and tags in Krowbar who jumps in with a double axe handle for a 2 count. Krowbar hits an inverted atomic drop, a clothesline then makes a tag, but Dylan Thorn grabs James’ leg and the distraction forces him into the Manifesto’s corner Castle locks in a figure four leg lock then knee drops to James’ legs, another knee drop to the ribs of James then McIver tags in with a senton bomb to James for a 2 count and McIver locks in a knee bar. Castle tags back in stomping on James then James gets a surprise roll up for a 2 count, Castle hits a spinning back breaker and a knee drop to the neck for a 2 count, McIver tags in (at this point I temporarily lost signal)My network is back and Krowbar is in the ring smashing McIver and Castle in opposite corners. Krowbar then lifts McIver and hits a neck breaker onto Castle. Dylan Thorn again grabs the ankle from the outside. McIver puts a leglock on McIver and James breaks it up, McIver is lifted into a slapjack by Krowbar and hit with a savant kick on the way down by James. 1,2,3. Afterwards the Manifesto do a 4 on 2 beat down on The Purge but out comes Lou King Sharp & Jimmy Pearce to equal the numbers.

Your Winners by Pinfall The Purge

Theo Doros VS Ravie Davie in a Traditional Rules Match.

Lockup and headlock takedown by Doros then, lockup and headlock takedown by Doros again, lockup and headlock takedown by Doros, spotting a pattern here, lockup and headlock takedown by Doros again. Lockup and headlock takedown by Doros but this time Davie grabs Doros into a headlock of his own and hits a noogie. Davie hits two strong shoulder blocks then an atomic drop and a flying shoulder block, Doros rolls out the ring to regain his breath Davie runs the ropes then hits a tope suicida through the ropes. Doros gets up and hits two chops to Davie then goes for another chop to Davie but misses it and hits the ring post. Davie hits Doros with another 2 chops Davie climbs to the top ropes but Doros throws himself into the ropes dropping Davie to the apron Doros then hits a low blow behind the referees back Davie goes out the ring to catch his breath and gets back into the ring on the 9 count Doros hits punches, a curly kick and elbow for a 2 count. Davie hits the catchphrase moonsault for a 2 count of his own. Davie gets a chair from the outside, but the referee takes it away as its a traditional rules match Doros hits a DDT on Davie then Doros exposes the steel ring corner Davie grabs a steel chair. slams it on the ground, throws it at Doros and then lies down pretending to have been hit a la Eddie Guerrero. The referee throws out the match and Davie calls out Doros for Fear and Loathing in a Glasgow Street Fight.

Your winner by Disqualification Ravie Davie

Adam Maxted (Luke Kyro) VS King Killa (Kai Williams King)

Lockup and Maxted pushes down Killa. Another lockup and both men go into the corner, Killa hit a kick to the midsection. There was then a fast exchange with Maxted coming out on top with a shoulder block then one of his perfect dropkicks to Killa’s jaw. On the outside KW King takes out Kyro distracting Maxted and allowing Killa to hit him from behind. Killa hits elbows in the corner and rolls up Maxted for a 1 count. King stomps on Maxted’s toes and hits a single leg standing dropkick for a 2 count, Maxted is thrown into the ropes and hits a side suplex and Irish whips Maxted into a corner Killa goes for the torture rack and then a slingshot elbow for a 2 count. Maxted is up and hits 2 lariats he throws Killa across the ring and jumps but is caught by Maxted into a fallaway slam, another dropkick and a diving neck breaker leads to a two count KW King goes for another distraction and Killa hits a knee to the jaw of Maxted for a 2 count. Killa goes for a side suplex, but Maxted escapes and hits a savant kick. Maxted goes to the top rope a hits a missile drop kick for the 1,2,3.

Your Winner by Pinfall Adam Maxted

JAXN VS Thatcher Wright

Thatcher grabs the microphone and announces that he has injured his shoulder during his entrance and cannot wrestle so a member of the cabinet will take his place (much to their surprise). Jaxn goes to their corner takes out Skinner and throws Charles Vyce into the ring,

JAXN VS Charles Vyce

Jaxn throws Vyce around the ring for a few minutes then Vyce locks in a cross face, Jaxn fights out and drops an elbow between Vyce’s legs. Jaxn puts on an arm lock putting extra pressure on the elbow of Vyce then moves up to the shoulder, he slams Vyce down then hits a headbutt onto Vyce’s chest. Jaxn punches Vyce and puts him in the corner tying him up in the tree of woe and stomping onto his midsection. He chokes Vyce but Thatcher distracts him from behind. Vyce hits some chops then puts on a takes control with a reverse chin lock Jaxn gets put in the corner and hit with elbows and a big cross body for a 2 count. Skinner grabs Jaxn’s ankle from the outside and Vyce hits a clubbing blow to the neck and then reapplies the rear chin lock. Jaxn lifts off Vyce but again Vyce grabs the rear chin lock, Jaxn slams backwards into the turnbuckle but Vyce wont let go, Jaxn hits a side slam but again Vyce is straight back up into the rear chin lock Jaxn lifts Vyce over the top rope to break the hold but Vyce jumps off the top rope forcing Jaxn onto the floor and into another chin lock Jaxn fights back and floats off Vyce Jaxn hits his pop up reverse DDT (the Buzz Kill) then a shoulder breaker on Vyce but Thatcher pulls the referee out of the ring before he can make the count. Jaxn slams Skinner and then hits elbows to the neck of Vyce and a mule kick, Vyce applies a headlock to Jaxn who reverses it into a cross face. Both Thatcher and Skinner jump into the ring and all three members of Thatcher’s Cabinet beat down Jaxn as the referee calls for the bell. Jaxn slams Vyce and skinners heads together and goes for Thatcher but out comes Kez Evans and attacks his opponent for fear and loathing, Jaxn. DCT then runs out to try and help another asylum original but is taken down with a low blow by Thatcher. Evans then beats down Jaxn with a briefcase and we leave with Evans standing tall.

Your Winner by Disqualification JAXN

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