WWE Releases Harry Smith As Part Of Latest Round Of Roster Cuts

Harry Smith has been released from WWE.

Harry Smith quietly returned to the WWE earlier this year. Smith worked a dark match on SmackDown, and it was announced that he had signed with the company in a post match promo backstage. Smith stated that his return match was just the beginning.. since then, he had not been seen with the company.

Earlier today another mass wave of WWE releases began, with “budget cuts” being cited again as the reason. One of the names on the list of today’s cuts, was Harry Smith who had just recently made his WWE return.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful confirmed the news of Harry Smith’s WWE release.

Additionally, “budget cuts” were once again the reason being cited for today’s releases, as talents were informed via email from John Laurinaitis.

“Budget cuts were cited as a reason for the releases in an email from John Laurinaitis.”

More WWE releases have been made, and we will update you with names of those talents who were cut as they become known.