Nia Jax Has Been Released From WWE

You can add Nia Jax’s name to the list of talents released today as the latest part of WWE’s “budget cuts.”

Nia’s name has not been a popular one amongst fans, and some backstage due mainly to her reputation for being unsafe in the ring, as numerous WWE Superstars have been injured while working with her in the ring.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Nia Jax has been released from WWE, as of today November 4th, 2021.

As was the reason for WWE’s previous waves of releases, the reason that has been given to talent via an email from John Laurinaitis, is “budget cuts.”

“Budget cuts were cited as a reason for the releases in an email from John Laurinaitis”

There are more casualties of today’s WWE roster cuts, we will keep you updated as more names becoming known.