Progress Wrestling Chapter 124: Cake Horn – Recap and Results

Raven Creed vs Lizzy Evo

Creed’s crazed and unorthodox attacks catch Evo off guard but she keeps her cool and uses her experience, a quick reversal sees Creed go crashing into the turnbuckle before Evo slams her down to the mat hard. Once in control Evo is relentless with both physical and verbal abuse. Creed does keep fighting from underneath but Evo cuts her off each time, Evo grows frustrated unable to keep Creed down as Creed begins to laugh, which just enrages Evo even more. Creed fires up and the two trade suplexes, Creed hits a running knee before the two trade shots, a blue thunder bomb gets Creed a near fall. As they trade shots again Lizzy hits a northern lights suplex, Creed kicks out at two, Creed hits a reversal into backstabber, going for a pin she only gets a two count. Evo uses the ropes to get to her feet, as Creed comes charging in Evo is able to dodge and hit a German suplex following it up with a huge knee landing right underneath Creed’s jaw and gets pin fall victory.

*Lizzy Evo defeated Creed by Pin fall

Luke Jacobs vs Keinen

Jacobs use his size and is able to muscle Keinen down to the mat, Jacobs focusses his attack on Keinen’s shoulder which is taped up, Keinen is able to get a leg lock out of nowhere and forces Jacobs to the ropes and out the ring. Back in the ring they both unleash with forearm strikes, Keinen uses his speed and athleticism with a spring board forearm, Jacobs rolls to the outside Keien follows him but but gets choked slam onto the side of the ring. Jacobs now in complete control, Jacobs just throws him around the ring with ease, but Keinen never stops fighting back and is somehow able to reverse a suplex and manages to suplex Jacobs. Keinen hits a huge DDT going for the pin, Jacobs kicks out at two. Keinen goes to ropes but gets caught by Jacobs who slams Keinen down to mat with a spinebuster and follows up with a huge running larriet but Keinen kicks out at 2, Keinen fight back again but Jacobs hits another running Larriet which finally put Keinen down for the count.

*Luke Jacobs defeated Keinen by Pin Fall

Danny Black vs Gene Munny

Black uses his speed and agility, keeping Munny on the back foot but once Munny gets a hold of him he uses his power, launching Black with an overhead belly to belly forcing Black to the outside. On the outside Black is able to dodge a clothesline attempt leaving Munny to wrap his own arm around the ring post, giving Black an opening as Black uses Munny’s injured arm to his advantage. Black, relying on his agility hits a flurry of moves to bring the big man down to mat before a standing moonsault gets a two count. Black goes for the Blackbuster but Munny muscles out, Munny shows his own agility with a sling shot splash before he really starts to get going, hitting a Claymore or less and a huge spine buster. Munny goes to turn Black inside out with a clothesline but somehow black lands on his feet, the two start to throw everything they’ve got at each other, neither man looking to loose ground, climbing to the middle rope together Black hits an avalanche spinning neckbreaker. Black lands a spring board cutter but Munny kicked out at two on the pin attempt, Black once again goes for the Blackbuster but Munny muscles out and hits a running Ainsley Larriet to get the pin fall and pick up the win.

*Gene Munny defeated Danny Black by Pin Fall

LK Mezinger and Sandy Beach vs “Sunshine Machine” Chuck Mambo and TK Cooper

Mezinger and Cooper start at 100 miles an hour, Mezinger tags in Beach who continues the pace, Cooper tags out Mambo and pace does not slow down, Beach shows off some incredible agility but Mambo matches him as they trade of in an any thing you can do I can do better style. Some clever tag team work from Sunshine Machine allow them isolate Beach as the Sunshine Machine work like a well oiled machine showing off their incredible variety of innovative double team moves. Beach finally gets some space and is able to roll through and get a tag to Mezinger who comes in looking to fight, managing to take out both members of the sunshine Machine. Tagging Beach back in they show off some of their own team work. The match descends in to chaos with all 4 competitors in the ring landing moves but Machine have the experience edge in this type of battle and taking control they eliminate Beach from the ring and hit Mezinger with one more double team move, getting the win by pin fall.

*Sunshine Machine defeated LK Mezinger and Sandy Beach by Pin Fall

Revelations Of Divine Love First Round Match

*Rhio vs Lana Austin

The two start with a lock up before trading wrist control with clever reversals, Austin has the experience and is able to take the early control, looking to get an early win with some quick pin fall attempts before hitting Rhio with hard basement dropkick. Rhio fights back and answers with a stiff basement dropkick of her own as she takes control, unleashing a barrage of attacks, forcing Lana to have to fight from underneath, Rhio locks in a tight cravat before transitioning to huge suplex going for the pin Lana kicks out at two. Rhio sits Lana atop the turnbuckle looking for a back suplex, Lana is able to escape a huge clothesline and puts Rhio on dream street, Lana looks to follow up with a snap suplex and gets a two count as Rhio won’t stay down. They trade strikes but Rhio has the advantage with a background in martial arts, she hits couple of devastating kicks, Rhio hits a side walk slam but Austin kicks out, Rhio hits for pump handle but Austin kicks out. Rhio getting frustrated leaves an opening for Austin to take advantage some how lifting Rhio up and hitting a powerbomb but Rhio kicks out the pin attempt. Lana hits a huge discus clothesline but Rhio again kicks out. Austin looks to finish Rhio off with a draping DDT but Rhio escapes and hits a running enzuguri following it up quickly with a spinning neckbreaker finally keeping Austin down for the pin fall.

*Rhio defeated Lana Austin by pin fall

Elijah with Charles Crowley vs Ethan Allen

Elijah gets the jump on Allen before the bell sounds thanks to the help of Charles Crowley, the bell goes before Allen can get his jacket off and Elijah looks to hit Allen with several hard shots before Allen can get going. Elijah does not let up as Crowley heckles Allen from the outside, Elijah slows it down as he starts to wear down Allen with punishing holds forcing Allen to carry his weight. Allen tries in vain to get a moment of separation to land some offence, escaping to the ringside apron but is shut down as Elijah drives his head into the steal ring post, Elijah continues the assault with viscous shots, aggressively trying to get the pin fall but Allen keeps kicking out. Allen is able to fight back gaining a moment of separation landing a corkscrew uppercut from the middle turn buckle he is able to finally get some sustained offence in, putting Elijah on the back foot for the first time as they’re both down on the mat you can see Crowley trying to advise Elijah. Allen is first back to his feet and he drives his knees into the gut of Elijah, a straight jacket powerbomb from Allen gets a two count. Allen looks to follow up with a barrage of kicks, Elijah ducks one allowing him to lift Allen into the electric chair drop, going for the pin Allen kicks out. Allen looks to make Elijah tap out with a variety of submissions but Elijah gets to the ropes Allen goes for one more submission attempt as he locks into the guillotine, Elijah powers out with a spine-buster following up with his cross armed brain buster to get the pin fall.

*Elijah defeated Ethan Allen by pin fall

Progress Tag Team Championship Match

“Kings Of The North” Bonesaw and Damien Corvin vs “Smoking Aces” Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley (c)

Sterling and Riley may be the champions but the experience edge goes to Bonesaw and Corvin, they use that experience well to isolate and learn from their opponents and they manage to isolate Riley first. Some crisp team work from the Kings of The North as they utilise quick tags in and out as they look to wear Riley down, a reversal from Riley gives him the opportunity to tag Sterling back into the match. Great team work from the Aces as they force the Kings to the outside. The Aces look for a double team dive but get cut of by the Kings as Bonesaw low bridges Riley, Corvin drags Sterling to the outside before sending him crashing over the belt stand to the floor. The Kings are back in control and look to isolate sterling, cutting off the ring expertly the two big men from Ireland then start to use their size and strength punishing sterling with stiff shots and hard slams to the mat. Sterling tries to fire up to make a come back but Corvin cuts him off with a huge clothesline, going for the pin attempt Sterling kicks out at one. Corvin brings Bonesaw back into the match as he takes out Riley on the ring apron. Sterling continues to reach for the tag, Riley screams encouragement from the ring apron, Sterling finds space and goes for the tag but the Kings cut him off, Bonesaw hits a death valley driver on Sterling who kicks out of the pin attempt at 2. The Kings go for a double team move but Sterling is able to escape, pushing Bonesaw into Corvin, before landing a huge enzuguri on Bonesaw. He goes for the tag, Corvin attempts to block but Sterling manages to leap frog into him, finally getting the tag to Riley. Riley comes in hot managing to take out both Corvin and Bonesaw, sending Bonesaw to outside and crashing into him with a rolling cannonball from the apron back in the ring he hits a turnbuckle assisted sliced bread on Corvin who manages to kick out of the pin attempt. Now the Aces unleash some of their own double team moves as they utilise quick tags until Bonesaw cuts of their momentum from the outside, with Sterling the legal man the Kings look to finish him off but Riley makes the save sending the Kings to the outside. Sterling tags Riley back in before hitting a second rope moonsault to the outside taking out both of the Kings, he sends Corvin back into the ring. Riley hits a tiger driver on Corvin but he manages to kick out, Riley tags Sterling in to hit their finisher but Corvin escapes. Corvin knocked Riley to outside before a hitting Sterling with a huge missile drop kick, the Kings hit two huge double team moves but Sterling is able to kick out of one pin attempt, Riley makes the save on the other allowing Sterling to make the tag. Riley comes in ducks a clothesline rolling through into spring board moonsault, taking out both members of the kings as they the Aces follow it up with Twin super kicks, sending Bonesaw to the outside. Corvin left in the ring by himself gets caught by the Ace’s Smoking Ace Crusher, Sterling dives to outside to take out Bonesaw as Riley pins Corvin to retain the tag team titles.

*Smoking Aces defeated Kings of the North by pin fall

Revelations Of Divine Love First Round Match

Skye Smitson vs Laura Di Matteo

The competitors looked to lock up as they tried to feel each other out, Di Matteo hits the first big hit with a running single leg drop kick but Smitson answers back with a huge big boot followed up with a vertical suplex as she begins to assert some control over the match. Smitson shows off her power, catching Di Matteo as she went for spring board crossbody before dumping her over her head with a big fall away slam, any time Di Matteo attempts a comeback she is shut down quickly by Smitson. Di Matteo evades Smitson coming at her as she is cornered, finally able to land some offence with a Fisherman suplex, two stiff clothesline and a spring board tornado DDT but is only able to get a two count off the pin attempt. She tries to lock in the Vini Veni Vichi but Smitson powers out. The pair trade strikes but Smitson blocks a kick from Di Matteo and lands a Super kick of her own, she is able to then hit Di Matteo with her Smitson Affect picking up the pin fall and advancing to meet Rhio in the Revelations Of Divine Love Semi Final.

*Skye Smitson defeated Laura Di Matteo by pin fall

Warren Banks “Lykos Gym” Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II vs Jody Fleisch and “the 0121” Dan Maloney and Man Like Dereiss

Straight out of the gate chaos erupts as Lykos Gym and Banks look to jump the 0121 and Fleisch, they isolate Maloney but it doesn’t take long for Maloney to turn the tide against Kid Lykos II picking him up and charging to his own corner to make the tag. Now its Lykos II trapped in the wrong part of town as the team of Fleisch and 0121 easily over power the much smaller Lykos II, but Lykos II uses his size to his advantage evading Man Like Dereiss and making the tag to Banks. Banks, now in the match changes the momentum using his size and strength, Lykos Gym and Banks can now isolate Man Like Dereiss. Dereiss is able to reverse a brainbuster from Lykos II and is able to tag Maloney, both teams start using quick tags continuously looking to bring the fresh man in as everybody was hitting their biggest moves. It becomes difficult to follow but the referee does a great job keeping track of the legal men as both teams get near falls. As everyone spilled to the outside Fleisch hits an incredible top rope springboard moonsault taking out Banks and both members of Lykos Gym. Throwing everybody back into the ring, Dereiss and Fleisch hit twin 720 DDT’s on Banks and Kid Lykos leaving just Lykos II with Maloney who catches Lykos II off the middle rope and drills him with the driller picking up the win.

*Jody Fleisch and 0121 defeated Lykos Gym and Warren Banks by pin fall

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