Jinder Mahal Takes Credit for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Success

Jinder Mahal was recently interviewed by Fightful , Mahal claimed that he taught McIntyre a lot in the world of pro-wrestling. Mahal also accused Drew of bragging about doing media for WWE.

Jinder had the following to say about his return back to WWE ahead of Drew’s:

I came to WWE before Drew. Came back. Became WWE Champion before Drew. Main evented all over the world before Drew. Did all this media before Drew. Now Drew touts himself as this great media machine and everything. Doesn’t stop talking about how much media he does. Guess what? We all do it. I was there. We all do it. We all have our turn. I’m still doing it. I just don’t advertise it.

Jinder also claims he is responsible for every bit of success Drew McIntyre received following Jinder’s accomplished success before him:

“You see Drew McIntyre wearing this suit. Where do you think he got his style from? The Maharaja, right? All the swagger, all this confidence. If there was no Modern Day Maharaja as WWE Champion, there would be no Drew McIntyre. I showed him the way. I showed him it was possible. I gave him the belief in himself.

Credit to Fightful and H/T to Ringside News for the transcription.

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