ICW Fight Club 09.10.21 – Recap and Results

Tallon Jr VS Andy Wild

We start with a handshake then collar and elbow tie up into wrist control by Wild, test of strength into a body scissors by Wild with more holds used to slow down Tallon Jr. We have an attempted head scissors by Tallon Jr but Wild holds him up and just throws him all over the ring with back drops, suplexs and just pure power. A series of two counts on Tallon Jr lead to a big corner splash and another couple of two counts, Tallon Jr Goes for a vertical leap onto the top rope from the apron and into a hurricanrana for a two count on Wild. A heel kick to Wild’s face leads into another two count. Wild gets back into it with a pump kick, belly to belly and a huge kick to the back which gives us another three pinning attempts. Wild gets kicked out of the ring and Tallon Jr slips and falls of the top rope attempting a dive. Wild throws him into the ring where Tallon Jr Pulls off a stunning moonsault off the ring post to the outside. Back in the ring and Tallon hits a high cross body, he goes for a hurricanrana but Wild reverses it into a powerbomb followed by the dad bomb for the 1.2.3. the match ends as it started with a handshake.

Winner by Pinfall Andy Wild

Martin MacAlistair VS Che Monet

Che goes for a kiss and gets a kick instead, Che responds in kind. Huge shoulder block then double drop kick from Monet then MacAlistair goes in for some deep arm drags but only gets a one count. Pump kick from Che then a headbutt and an Alabama slam. Monet goes to the top rope for a flying corkscrew cutter, but MacAlistair kicks out at two and a half. Lying face down MacAlistair has his arms pulled up behind his back by Monet who slams him into the canvas for the three count. After the match, out comes The Manifesto to beat down Che Monet while reading a list of demands to ICW management

Winner by Pinfall Che Monet

Molly Spartan VS Gia Adams Womens Championship tournament match.

Gia out powers Spartan from the start with lariats, a corner avalanche and a cross body leading to a two count. Spartan gets up and hits a spear out of nowhere for her own two count. Molly locks her thighs around Adams’ neck. Fallaway slam by Adams and the pair are exchanging pin attempts. Big strikes and clubbing blows by Spartan to take control until she misses a spear and eats a turnbuckle. Adams takes control with a leg drop, she climbs the turnbuckle, but Spartan grabs her legs and slams her to the mat another big exchange of strikes until Spartan picks Adams up and hits a sit out powerbomb for the 1.2.3.

Winner by Pinfall Molly Spartan

Theo Doros VS Saquib Ali

Ali starts by twerking at Doros, 5 minutes of butt slapping antics and the match actually starts with a headlock by Doros, shoulder block by Doros and criss crossing the ring into a high drop kick by Ali, Ali goes for a mix of strikes and pin attempts until Doros fights back with a back body drop and elbow strikes to Ali’s chest. Fallaway slam by Doros but Ali gets back up and hits multiple European uppercuts in the corner then a northern lights suplex. Doros hits back with a spinebuster, a leg drop and then gets a close two count. But out comes Sweeney interrupting Doros and allowing Ali to hit the SaqMajiq for the 1.2.3. To get Doros’ first loss.

Winner by pin fall Saquib Ali.

DCT VS Kez Evans VS BT Gunn VS Jason Reid to determine the number one contender for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship

All four men start off and I’m not even going to try and describe the intricate speed and exchanges of hardcore blows. At one point Reid bumps into a spectator who then attacks Reid leading to a brawl at ringside and the spectator being ejected from the building, Kez Evans hits a tower of power and tries to pin all three men, in turn BT Gunn then picks up Jason Reid and Kez Evans hits a double team move on Reid for the 123.

Jason Reid is Eliminated

Circle of slaps to restart the match. DCT takes control hitting avalanches and strikes to both men. DCT goes for a pedigree on BT Gunn but out comes Thatcher’s Cabinet and Thatcher Wright Hits DCT with the book to allow BT Gunn to roll him up 1.2.3

DCT is eliminated.

It’s now Gunn vs Evans with a meaty exchange of strikes to the head and body BT Gunn gets a close two count with a big slam, both men are back up BT Gunn climbs the ropes and hits the Gunn Shott 1.2. kick out, Evans gouges Gunn’s eyes and hits the Kez dispenser 1.2. kick out Evans goes for a backslide and pins Gunn with his feet on the ropes 1.2.3

Winner and No.1 Contender for the world heavyweight championship Kez Evans

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Written by Daniel Allen

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