Booker T Thinks AEW Needs A ‘Soldier’ Like Adam Cole

Adam Cole has given no indication on what his next move will be in the wrestling world. Cole has a number of options, but the two most likely moves that Cole is expected to make is a Jump to the Main Roster of WWE or the move that is looking more promising is a Jump to AEW.

While speaking on his Hall of Fame Podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T spoke on Adam Cole and his upcoming decision on where to take his talents next. Booker T believes AEW needs someone like Adam Cole.

“A guy like Adam Cole is definitely a guy like that. He can work, he can perform at a very high level, you can put him with anybody and he can go out and give you what you need. That for me, is what I’m thinking about when it comes to a show. Guys that can get out there and perform, guys that can get out there and go and bring behinds in seats and ratings to his television product that we have here. So yeah, he’d be a hell of a soldier, a hell of a teammate to that addition any way you look at it. The guy is obviously a team player because he’s been down in NXT since day one.”

“I don’t look at it like a single situation, I look at it from a unit perspective. I look at it like if I got a football team, I got to fill every spot on the roster and everybody has to be the best at what they do in that position on the roster. That’s the way I’m looking at it right there so as well as if this was the military. I need another soldier that’s going to be ready to step up in ranks and commands in the drop of a hat.

While Booker T’s opinion holds a lot of water in wrestling, he has recently been chastised by fans for expressing his opinion on CM Punk’s recent return. While as of today nothing has been released about Coles’s situation, he is officially a free agent and able to being competing immediately if he chose to, due to the fact that his contract has officially run-up.

We will have to see what Cole does next. Stay with for all breaking news on Adam cole. Below is the video of Booker T’s comments.