AEW Expected To Be Transitioning Jim Ross Out Of His Role As Full-Time Announcer

Jim Ross has been a with AEW since the beginning. Initially Ross signed onto the company with a three year contract, as he told DAZN in and interview back in May of 2019. His AEW contract is set to expire in April of 2022, and it sounds like JR’s role on AEW TV is about to change.

According to a report from Ringside News, which I was able to privately confirm with my sources within AEW as well, Jim Ross’ current role as a full-time announcer on AEW television is about to change. JR is set to transition out of the position as an announcer and member of the commentary team on a full-time basis. The report added that Ross will still announce some of the company’s big matches and major events, but AEW is planning on using him in other capacities.

Ross will transition to a role that will see him do more backstage segments like the sit-down interviews that he has done for AEW in the past. He isn’t stepping away from the announce table completely, but is leaving the role on a full-time basis.

“A source within AEW told us that Jim Ross is slated to “do backstage segments like the sit down interviews.” He will not step away from the announce table entirely, but he is leaving on a full-time basis.”

The report went on to add that this decision was JR’s call, and that it wouldn’t be a surprise that when his contract is up in April, it isn’t renewed for his current role/position/responsibilities.

“We were told by a second source within AEW that, “don’t be surprised if when JR’s existing contract is up, it isn’t renewed for his current role/position/responsibilities.”

It was also said to us that this decision was “[Jim Ross’] call, I’m assuming he’ll do special matches.”