News & Notes from AEW Rampage Media Scrum

Tony Khan and CM Punk AEW Rampage Media Call

As always when there was wrestling news, BODYSLAM.NET was there to cover it. Owner, founder & editor Cassidy Haynes was in attendance at the media scrum following CM Punk’s epic return to pro wrestling at AEW Rampage. CM Punk is All Elite, and Cass has the scoop – like always.

CM Punk and Tony Khan featured on the AEW Rampage Media Call

Reporters had all sorts of questions for Punk and Khan after CM Punk returned to the sport of professional wrestling last night. “The First Dance” which was held in Punk’s hometown of Chicago delievered for fans.

Apologizes for “ruining” the surprise

Punk mentioned his debut in AEW was”the worst kept secret” but reflected it on being designed that way for a reason. “It’s about the moment,” is a great sentiment from Punk. AEW is seemingly specializing in creating must-see wrestling moments. Their latest lived up to the hype.

A returning CM Punk reflects

When you give CM Punk a live mic you’re never quite sure what he’s going to say. Pipebomb anybody? He delivered in a HUGE way during his first segment back. AEW played it very well allowing the emotion of the moment to speak for itself. And it spoke volumes.

Happy Accidents

Punk commented on the courting process between him and All Elite Wrestling. Methodically asking those he knew questions about the company before eventually jumping into the pool.

On being real

It was one of the most joyful moments in wrestling history. Witnessing Punk returning to the ring in his beloved Chicago. Punk was raw. Brimming with authenticity. As were the fans who made sure the United Center stayed packed and loud all night.

Ice Cream Bars

Punk delivering on the Ice Cream Bars was amazing. AEW shows how it’s truly the little things that matter. A lot of work went into this return and it showed. AEW continues to produce the top moments in the sport today.

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Leaving a legacy

Punk really is into the younger names on the roster. The idea of CM Punk being able to work incredible programs with some of the brightest future stars is just another reason why this signing was so big for AEW. Punk’s knowledge and love of the sport are vast. Something he can share with many on the roster.


Punk seems to offer us a stark contrast between AEW and his former employer here. Many others want to dabble in some outside dndeavors as well. All Elite Wrestling has been offering their talent the ability to do that. With the Forbidden Door fully swinging open on a weekly basis, what could happen next?

Where in the World is CM Punk?

This is where fantasy bookings become very endless. One would assume AEW would keep Punk pretty exclusive for the most part – but who knows!?

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