Piper Niven’s Reaction To WWE changing Her Name To Doudrop

Piper Niven has been in wrestling since 2007. The Scottish-born wrestler has made her rounds on the European indies scene until she was tapped in 2017 by the WWE to compete in their inaugural Mae Young Classic. With a good showing, Niven was offered a contract to compete on the Uk NXT brand.

This year Niven was called up to the main roster to be teamed up with a returning Eva Marie. When brought up, Niven was informed that she would be receiving a name change, and she definitely had her mixed emotions about it.

While talking to Wrestling inc, Niven who is now known as Doudrop revealed how she reacted to the WWE informing her of her new name. She at first didn’t know what to think but eventually figured to just run with it.

“Not going to lie, at first they were like, ‘Your new name is going to be Doudrop,’ and I was like, ‘K.’ But I’m the type of person who takes an opportunity and runs with it,” Doudrop said. “It doesn’t matter what it is. In this business, opportunities aren’t necessarily plenty, so I just took that ball and ran with it. It’s all about what you make of it. So far I think it’s been pretty good.”

As quickly as Eva Marie and Doudrop were partnered it seems like the relationship is quickly becoming strained, with Marie sort of downplaying the significance of her ‘hired muscle ‘ Doudrop. How do u think Doudrop would do as a singles wrestler and is her run with Eva Marie hurting or helping her?