Kurt Angle Drops News On New NFT’s

NFT’s are quickly becoming big in the world of finances. Many fans have started investing and hoping for a return on their investment. Kurt Angle has announced he is now getting into the NFT game.

Today Angle will be dropping his first NFT, a project through LuchaCoin. It is said to be unlike any other that fans can currently purchase as the Olympic hero breaks new ground.

The NFT’s are set to feature digital cards from some of Angle’s biggest career moments. Kurt hyped the drop with a post on Twitter that read:

Check out my first #NFT release, the #gold card featuring some of my proudest moments from the 1996 #Olympics games and #Wrestling #championship runs. Each #collectible can be found on @rarible.com

The NFT release will feature fully interactive action figures. Whoever buys the NFT’s will be able to play with Angle whenever they like only in a digital setting. It is definitely groundbreaking and Angles NFT is the first to pull of this trick.

As long as there is demand and fans continue to buy, more NFT’s will continue to be released. Only 100 Angle NFT’s will be minted and they are going for $100 each. That price is likely to appreciate as most popular NFT’s have risen in value after their initial purchases.

Luchacoin has also minted NFT’s for Angelina Love, Gail Kim, and El Phantasmo.