USA Higher-Ups Said To Be Disappointed With WWE’s Changes To NXT

On Friday NXT/WWE made another massive cut to its roster. Big changes are said to be coming to the brand and more cuts are likely coming. USA network execs are not thrilled about the cuts.

Only after a couple of months of Nxt being moved to Tuesday nights, the gold brands roster is looking a lot different.

Andrew Zarian of the Matt Men Pro Wrestling Podcast tweeted out two posts describing what is being heard from the higher-ups. It’s not that they are angry, but more they are “disappointed”. As we all know that can sometimes be worse.

Hearing a lot of chatter from USA network higher-ranked reps regarding the releases from NXT.

“personally I’m disappointed with how its going”

The perception from many is that these upcoming changes will be negative.

Preception means everything especially when you are working with partners who are not pro wrestling fans and don’t have the knowledge of the talent.

In reality are the changes coming to NXT a bad thing? Time will tell

No one but WWE officials are the only ones who apparently know exactly what is going on. It definitely seems like some sort of change is ahead for the company as a whole.