Vince Was All For Released WWE Superstar’s Character Change

In the WWE theirs no arguing about it, but Mr.McMahon is the end-all-be-all when it comes to the final decisions regarding the WWE brand. Stars have noted waiting hours on end to get a few words in with the chairmen.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Ariya Daivari who was recently released by the WWE revealed that he had a chance to have a heart-to-heart with Vince about the direction of his character and also about dropping the sheik character for the remainder of his time in the company. Apparently, the boss was very receptive to his ideas.

“I had a couple of private meetings with him. I spoke to him after matches” Daivari said.” You’re in gorilla. You say, hey thank you for the match and that kind of stuff, but I really only spoke to him when I had something important to tell him. There are a few times where you say something to a writer, and they might not take them to Vince.”

“If there’s something you’re really passionate about, you take it to Vince, so when I was transitioning from , I don’t want to do the sheik character anymore, I want to do this Daivari Dinero thing ‘, that was something that I took straight to Vince. I went and knocked on his door, and had a meeting with him and said,’this is where I see my character going, and I think it would do better for the show and he was all about it. I had a few more one-on-one meetings with him but they were always pleasant. I never had a bad experience with Vince at all.”

Daivari was recently backstage at a recent Impact taping, but he’s still under a 90-day non-compete clause. We will soon see him in the squared circle once again in the near future. What company do you think is a good fit for Daivari?

H/T Ringside News