Kenny Omega Provides Latest Update On AEW Console Game.

The AEW console game isn’t near finished, but Kenny Omega remains excited about the project.

As of now no official release date for the game has been announced, only limited footage has been shown, but omega says things are coming along and more character models and features are being incorporated as the day-to-day work continues.

Omega recently sat down and was a guest on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, and he provided an update on AEW’s upcoming console video game release.

If for whatever reason, I retired from wrestling tomorrow or next week, I would probably search for something in the realm of video games, working in that industry to do something. It’s always great to be involved in both but video games are one of my greatest hobbies and passions. To be involved in not only wrestling but also wrestling video games is really cool. To actually be so hands-on, on an actual project, it’s new to me and I’m dealing with it day-by-day. We’ve got a great team and a great support system. I’ve never gone to any meeting or any presentation feeling or acting like I know what I’m doing. I always make sure to ask everyone around me if my ideas or input is contributing in a positive way” he stated on Wrestling observer Radio.

Omega continued by saying, “So far, we have a lot of cool things incorporated into the game that i think fans are going to love. When they do get their hands on this thing, i think they’re going to have fun playing it. Its going posotive. We’re starting to work on more charecter modlels and not many of them are not 100% complete, but when you see them come together and look more like the person they are supposed to be and you see the wrestling engine and how the matches are starting to flow in the gameplay and it starts barebone with the moves but then to see the movesets get plugged in and other systems we’re incorperating little by little into the gameplay, it gets really exciting. One thing that was cool about wrestling games back in the day was people from all walks of life played wrestling games, even if they werent wrestling fans. I hope that our hardcore fans dig the game, but i hope people who just like games that are fun, like the game. Thats what we hope for. So far, so good. Its going to be a process. its not something we’re rushing. We do plan to hopefully get it out by next year, but we can’t commit to a solid date, just in case.”