Matt Cardona Defeats Nick Gage to Win the GCW World Championship

A serious contender for “Shocker of the year” in the world of wrestling took place in the main event of tonight’s Game Changer Wrestling Homecoming Part 1 event.

After a brutal GCW World Championship match that included light tubes, panes of glass, run-ins, counter run-ins, and pizza cutters, the GCW World Title reign of Nick Gage was ended by none other than former WWE superstar Matt Cardona.

After being betrayed by his seemingly rival-turned-ally Rickey Shane-Page, it took two light tube-cabins to the head followed by a Radio Silence from Cardona to put down the Death-Match Icon for the 1-2-3.

The GCW audience, who showered Cardona with boos, slurs, and expletives the entire night, pelted the ring with trash as he celebrated with his newly won championship and fled through the crowd like a thief in the night.

The result of the match comes as such a shock that, as of this writing, Matt Cardona is currently trending on Twitter.

There is no word as of now if the new GCW World Champion will be appearing on tomorrow night’s follow-up Homecoming Part 2, but you can see the potential fallout tomorrow night at 8 EST on

(Credit to @MiracleMichaelM on Twitter for the cover image)