WWE Reportedly Holding “Queen of the Ring” Tournament Later This Year

WWE has held the King of the Ring tournament sporadically since 1985. Over the last 28 years, a plethora of current-and-future Hall of Famers have earned the right to crown themselves as King of WWE. Stars such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Booker T, Owen Hart, Edge, and Kurt Angle amongst others. In 1993 the company held their first-ever ‘King of the Ring’ branded Pay-Per-View event, which was won by Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

The tournament has endured as a staple of WWE television in its almost three decades of existence, and it looks as if the company is about to put an entirely new spin on it.

In a report from Raj Giri and, it is said that WWE is planning to hold the first-ever “Queen of the Ring” tournament. The event would be the first all-women’s ‘King of the Ring’ style tournament in WWE history.

The report also states that the tournament is expected to be held on a Peacock-exclusive event later this year. It is not currently known when the event will take place.

The last time WWE held a King of the Ring branded show was in 2015 when the company held a Network-exclusive evemt of the same name. That rendition of the tournament saw Bad News Barrett defeat Neville (Now known as PAC for AEW) in the finals to claim the crown.

If we are to assume that there will be no Men’s matches taking place on the show, then the Queen of the Ring will be the second all-women’s event in WWE History. The first being the historic Evolution Pay-Per-View in 2018.