Is It Time For Jim Ross To Step Away From The Commentary Table?

Jim Ross is THE VOICE OF PRO-WRESTLING and no one can deny that.Ross has been part of everyone’s childhood and iconic moments of pro-wrestling history, but the time has come for AEW to transition from Jim Ross on the commentary table.

Jim Ross and AEW have been a weird mix together since day one. Having Ross on the commentary table made sense at the beginning, but after two years the time has come for someone else to take his spot. The major problem with Ross is that he seems to not be a fan of AEW’s style during matches and he has the unfortunate habit to accentuate the negatives than the positives almost in every match. AEW has been able to use some of Ross’ mistakes and make them part of storylines, like with Britt Baker and her heel turn.

This doesn’t mean Ross should be done with AEW. Jim Ross besides being a commentator, he’s been a consultant for AEW and someone with his experience of work should always be around, especially for a young promotion as AEW.

The promotion could still use Ross for interviews to build for PPVs and TV specials like we’ve seen in the past. Jim Ross on this role has done a great job putting wrestlers and storylines over and doing it more regularly would be the best thing for Ross and AEW.

Who should take Ross’ spot? That the million dollar question, but AEW does have several alternatives like Don Callis, Paul Wight or Taz could be great alternatives. AEW could also just do a two man commentary team with Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

This is a hard decision to make, especially how big of a name Ross has, but it’s a decision that needs to be made. Jim Ross is a wrestling legend and his contributions to the business can’t be denied and he’ll always be remembered as the voice of pro-wrestling.