AEW Will Continue To Air Violent Content After TBS Move

AEW will be moving to TBS in 2022 and since then many fans have been wondering if that will mean a huge change in the overall product.

Dave Meltzer recently spoke on  Wrestling Observer Radio, where he was asked if AEW will have to reduce their violent content due to the TBS move. It seems that will not be happening whatsoever as Meltzer said the following:

“There’s nothing to that, but as far as they’re giving them more hours. They’re giving them Clash Of Champions, so to speak. You know, they’re getting live specials and they are giving them more money.

There won’t be any difference there [with blood], same standards and practices on each station.”

This is certainly good news for those who are a fan of AEW’s more edgier content and are tired of WWE’s PG-oriented product.

h/t to Ringside News for the transcription.