NXT UK Recap and Results

Plenty of great matches set for tonight’s NXT UK including Wolfgang vs Rampage Brown and Xia Brooksdie vs Amale plus Noam Dar’s Supernova Session with special guest Ilja Dragunov. In the main event the NXT UK Heritage Cup is on the line as A-Kid defends his championship against former mentor Tyler Bate.

Wolfgang vs Rampage Brown

*Rampage Brown defeated Wolfgang

A brutal Hard hitting match to open the show. Wolfgang gave it everything he had, managing to be on top for most of the match, targeting Rampage’s ribs and shoulder but it was not enough as Rampage fought through the pain, managing lift up Wolfgang to hit the Doctor bomb for the pin fall victory.

Trent Seven helps Tyler Bate prepare for his main event match with A-Kid backstage.

Ashton Smith is talking with the camera man at the BT Studio PC when he is interrupted by Teoman

Aoife Valkyrie video promo reflecting on her loss to Meiko Satomura

Xia Brookside vs Amale

*Amale defeated Xia Brookside

A fantastic performance by both competitors. Brookside started hot as she looked to get revenge on Amale, Amale used this over zealousness to her advantage taking control of the match. Brookside would attempt to fight back but Amale shut her down, hitting a spine buster to pick up the win by pin fall.

Sha Samuels is enjoying a tea backstage when he’s confronted by Nathan Frazer looking for a fight after Sha cost Frazer his match with Noam Dar.

Recap package of Meiko Satomura becoming the No. 1 contender and Kay Lee Ray laying her out following her win.

Noam Dar Supernova Sessions

Ilja Dragunov is Noam Dar’s guest for this week Supernova sessions, Noam Dar tries to poke fun at Dragunov’s recent anger problems, Ilja does really well to remain calm even calling Noam Dar a clown.

Sam Gradwell barges in on Sid Scala and demands a match against Trent Seven following their altercation last week.

Sid Scala announces Noam Dar vs Ilja Dragunov and Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey in two weeks time.

NXT UK Heritage Cup Match

Tyler Bate vs A-Kid ( C )

*Tyler Bate defeated A-Kid by 1 pin fall

A master class in British and European wrestling from both competitors. No pin falls in the first two rounds although A-Kid maintained longer periods of control, the paced picked up in the 3rd round but still no pin falls, both competitors took a nasty spill to the outside. They really started to let loose in the 4th round as they both look to get the first and maybe decisive pin fall, A-Kid locked in choke but Bate managed to fight through. Both competitors managed to survive finisher attempts in round 5, Tyler Bate went into final round with a damaged arm but was able to trap A-Kid in a pinning predicament to get a pin fall victory.

A fantastic NXT UK tonight, with some truly great wrestling of different styles from Power and hard hitting to some great technical wrestling. Some great angles and rivalries building with some great matches to look forward to, including Ilja Dragunov vs Noam Dar, Trent Seven vs Sam Gradwell and more. You can see the action from tonight’s NXT UK on the Peacock streaming service in the US and WWE Network everywhere else.

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