Scorpio Sky Discusses His New Alliance With Ethan Page

Last Wednesday on Dynamite, Scorpio Sky continued his heel turn as he also wound up starting a new alliance with Ethan Page. “The Face of the Revolution” and “All Ego” squared off in Page’s debut in the Face of the Revolution ladder match at AEW Revolution, but now it seems like the duo have mended fences over common issues.

Sky and Page are scheduled to face Matt and Mike Sydal on AEW Dark: Elevation tonight, and Sky wound up discussing his alliance with Page ahead of this match on his Wrestling with the Week podcast. Sky talked about how he and Page are in similar situations, where the company failed to deliver on providing them the spotlight the company promised them. For Page, it was supposed to be about his debut, and with Sky it was about his singles career.

“He was brought into the company and they were supposed to roll the carpet out for him. He was supposed to get the Spotlight. He was supposed to get big matches on television and they, as he said in the promo, AEW has not fulfilled their end of the deal. They got him to put his name on the paper and then that was it. ‘Forget about you, we are moving on to Christian Cage, we are moving on to Darby and Sting.’”

“The same thing happened to me. It’s been years now and last year was supposed to be the big grand opening of my singles career and they were supposed to roll out the red carpet for me and it did not happen and so I went to him when I saw [that] he was already, you know, couple weeks in [and] he was a little bit frustrated. I said, ‘Hey, listen I know how you feel. Let’s talk about it,’ and now, you’re going to see what happens next.”

Sky has seemingly firmly cemented his heel turn while Page is just starting his AEW career. Things should be very interesting, starting tonight on Dark: Elevation with the both of them.

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