Progress Chapter 107 – Full Card Preview

Progress Wrestling’s latest chapter airs this weekend, Chapter 107 Go Home, Lock Your Doors, Do Your Home Work, Watch Progress will be available on the WWE Network and Demand Progress Saturday from 5pm GMT. 6 fantastic matches lined up once again, we take a look at each of the matches up;

Millie McKenzie vs Kanji

First match up was announced on the same day they announced the new chapter, Progress Wrestling’s No. 1 Contender Kanji faces off with Millie McKenzie. Kanji has been on a roll since she arrived at Progress making her debut in the first ever Women’s ThunderBastard match, Kanji overcame 6 other women to become the No. 1 Contender. On the previous Chapter Kanji was able to defeat Gisele Shaw to cement her position as the No. 1 Contender. Millie McKenzie will have a chance for some redemption as she faces’ Kanji, as it was Kanji who eliminated her in the ThunderBastard match, McKenzie is undefeated in singles action since Progress’ return with wins over Mercedez Blaze and Lana Austin.

Gene Munny vs Warren Banks

The Second match up announced is Gene Munny vs Warren Banks in match that is being billed as a student vs teacher contest since Banks first started training under Munny. It’s been a mixed bag of action for Gene Munny, he was part of the fatal four way on Chapter 104 being pinned by winner Chris Ridgeway, since then Munny has picked up a win against TK Cooper last time out at chapter 106. Warren Banks took part in the Natural Progression defeating Big Guns Joe in the first round and Danny Black in the semi-finals, Banks would unfortunately come up short in the final against Luke Jacobs in a fantastic match, Banks shined through out the tournament with great performances in each match.

Spike Trivet Vs Chris Ridgeway

Chris Ridgeway will be looking to get back to his winning ways whilst Trivet will be looking to continue the momentum he picked up at the last Chapter. Chris Ridgeway won the fatal 4 way at Chapter 104 becoming the No. 1 Contender for the Progress World Title, Ridgeway would be unsuccessful in his challenge against Cara Noir at Chapter 105. At chapter 106 Ridgeway would again face defeat at the hands of the Lykos Gym, in tag team match along side North West Strong faction partner Ethan Allen. Trivet was in the fatal 4 way match at chapter 104 and although he did not pick up the win he did not take the pin fall, however he picked up a win in his last match at the last chapter against former DNR stable mate Chuck Mambo.

Sunshine Machine (TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo) vs Young Guns (Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs)

Tk Cooper and Chuck Mambo team for the first time for Progress Wrestling and this will also be the first time the Young Guns have teamed together since Progress’ return. Both Jacobs and Allen competed in the Natural Progression series with Jacobs going on to win the tournament defeating Man Like Dereiss, his tag team partner Allen and Banks in the final, coming up short in his title match against Cara Noir at the last chapter. Allen picked up a win against Kid Lykos II in the first round of the Natural Progression series but came up short against his tag partner, Allen was in tag team action last week alongside North West Strong stable mate Chris Ridgeway but pair were defeated by Lykos Gym. Chuck Mambo has lost three straight matches on Progress and as TK Cooper picked up loss in his match against Gene Munney at the last chapter, could teaming together help them pick up their first win since Progress’ return.

Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II) vs Cara Noir and Danny Black

Lykos Gym are back in tag team action and looking to stay undefeated but they face a tall task as they square off against Progress World Champion Cara Noir and Danny Black. Black makes his return to progress since being eliminated from the natural Progression series in the semi finals, Black got a shock win in the first round defeating Ellijah but was unable to get past the challenge of Warren Banks. Cara Noir has successfully defended his championship at the last three of Progress’ chapters with wins over Dan Moloney, Chris Ridgeway and Ethan Allen but can he overcome the Lykos Gym? The Lykos gym are undefeated as a tag team since the return of Progress wrestling, with wins over Big Guns Joe and Gene Munney as well as Chris Ridgeway and Ethan Allen, can they continue their run against the Progress World Champion?

Big Guns Joe vs LK Mezinger

The Final match announced sees Big Guns Joe return to face the debuting LK Mezinger. Big Guns Joe hasn’t had that much luck in Progress Wrestling so far being knocked out the first round of Natural Progression Series against Warren Banks, then loosing in tag team action with Gene Munney against Lykos gym. LK Mezinger makes his Progress Wrestling Debut, a 5 year pro who has been mainly competing for Flash Morgan Webster and Mike Hitchman’s Dragon Gate Pro and Pete Dunne’s Attack Pro Wrestling among others.

Progress Wrestling looks set for another fantastic chapter with some great matches lined up, there should plenty of great in ring action. You can catch the previous chapters on the WWE Network and Demand Progress, Chapter 107 will be available to stream tomorrow from 5pm GMT.

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