NXT UK – Recap, Results and Review

Another stellar line up for NXT UK once again with an incredible main event set, as Ilja Dragunov once again gets a chance at revenge as he faces Sam Gradwell in a no DQ match. Also in action Joseph Connors goes one on one with Jack Starz, Isla Dawn faces off against Aleah James, the debut of Eddie Dennis’ new Hunt with Primate and Tyson T-Bone, plus Trent Seven is a guest on Noam Dar’s Supernova sessions.

Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar kicks off the show with special guest Trent Seven, Dar asks Trent what it’s like to be a failure, referring to his recent losses in the Heritage Cup Final and his Cruiserweight title shot last week against Jordan Devlin. Dar then starts to joke about Trent Seven’s exercise regime, Dar then goes on about how he never got a shot at Cruiserweight title calling Seven an outsider, Seven takes offence and starts to argue with Dar. Out comes Sha Samuels, he tells Seven if he has a problem with Dar he has a problem with him, in the end they decide that Samuels and Seven will corner their respective friends in their upcoming match at NXT UK Prelude.

Sid Scalla would like to talk to Jinny and Joseph Conners to tell them that, as per GM Saint, both her and Piper would be barred from ringside during Connors’ match against Jack Starz.

NXT UK Prelude video Package

Walter vs Rampage Brown NXT UK Prelude Video Package, Fit Finlay, William Regal, Dave taylor and Robbie Brookside all give their thoughts on the upcoming match.

Jack Starz vs Joseph Conners

A Great display of British and European technical wrestling, Starz hits a flurry of European uppercuts followed by a dropkick, sending Conners to the outside. Starz unleashes some high flying offence. A big double stomp out of the corner from Connors on Starz changes the complexion of this match up, Conners starts to Unleash his power offence on Starz. Starz has heart and determination fighting back forcing Conners down to one knee, Starz is able to unleash another flurry of offence. One mistake costs Starz however and Connors capitalizes with a DDT followed by a hangman neckbreaker picking up the pin by pin fall.

Pretty Deadly promo, announcing their first title defence which will be next week against Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.


Backstage Piper is there to console Jack Starz after his loss to Connors.

Josh Morrell and Danny Jones vs Eddie Dennis’ New Hunt Tyson T-Bone and Primate

*Primate defeats Danny Jones by pin fall

Morrell starts the match against Tyson T-bone and is quickly overpowered by the much larger opponent, quick tags in and out, Morrell is just thrown to his tag partner Danny Jones. Now its Jones’ turn to be punished, with more quick tags in out from T-Bone and Primate, but they can’t put Jones away, Jones finds a moment of space tagging Morrell back in. Morrell starts well and is able to avoid primate using his speed and agility, he is quickly once again stopped by Primate and T-Bone, Morrell escapes for a second tagging Jones back in. Jones tries hard to fight off T-Bone but it doesn’t last long as Primate and T-Bone put an end to Jones with a power slam diving headbutt combo to win the match by pin fall.

Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams seem on the same page once more following recent falling outs over tactics used by Kenny Williams.

Aleah James Vs Isla Dawn


*Isla Dawn defeated Aleah James by pin fall,

Great Athleticism early on from James but a big spinning head kick changes the momentum, Dawn is more aggressive than ever before punishing James’ strikes and a painful submission stretch. James is able to bounce back again using her athleticism, showing off her innovative offence including beautiful spring board drop kick and spring board crossbody. Dawn is able catch a mistake from James and she quickly looked to finish James off, this time hitting a devastating DDT and a half and half sulpex with a bridge to get the pin fall victory.

Xia once again abuses her power over Nina Samuels forcing her to clean the Men’s Bathroom.

Isla Dawn is backstage and you can hear voices in the background, Kay Lee Ray comes along telling Dawn if we’d seen more of that early on in her NXT career she could be where Kay Lee Ray is right now, Dawn seemingly makes the lights flicker making Kay Lee Ray retreat.

Sam Gradwell vs Ilja Dargunov – No DQ Match

*Ilja Dragunov defeats Sam Gradell via Referee stoppage.

Gradwell tries to jump start the match using his Jacket to hide his attack, it does not take long for Gradwell to start looking for Weapons when Ilja starts fighting back, despite being a no DQ match Ilja refuses to use a weapon to begin with. Gradwell uses the ring bell to injure Dragunov’s arm before using some cable wires to good effect, Gradwell exploits the no DQ rules to the fullest extent, punishing Dragunov. Plenty of devastation throughout the match, with Gradwell hitting a death valley driver on the stairs, Dragunov continues to not use weapons, this give Gradwell an opportunity to strike when Dragunov would put weapons down. Gradwell starts to punish Ilja even more whilst trapped in the corner with slaps to the chest, he knows now not to slap Dragunov’s back however as Gradwell tries to go for another slap Dragunov tries to move out the way and Gradwell hits his back. Gradwell immediately starts to retreat but it’s too late, Dragunov once again snaps and begins to lay waste to Gradwell, with the referee mercifully putting an end to match due to TKO, as Dragunov rained down forearm strikes to an unconscious Gradwell’s head.


Another NXT UK in the bag with another great show, a brutal and violent main event, Eddie Dennis’ new hunt look bigger and better than before, Isla Dawn’s new darker witch persona adds more depth to an already excellent NXT UK Women’s division. The Tag Team championship looks to be the main event next week as Pretty Deadly have their first defence against Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams and with NXT UK Prelude in two weeks time, there’s plenty to look forward to.

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