Progress Wrestling Chapter 106: Put a Pony in me Pocket – Recap and Results

Progress Wrestling were back again with Chapter 106 this past Saturday the 13th of March, following up the two fantastic shows that were Chapter 104 and 105 featuring the Natural Progression series and first ever female Thunderbastard match. Some great matches lined up once again with Natural Progression Series winner Ethan Allen challenging Cara Noir for the Progress World title, plus following what happened in the Thuderbastard match, Lana Austin takes on Millie McKenzie and Kanji faces Gisele Shaw one on one.

Millie McKenzie vs Lana Austin

*Millie McKenzie defeated Lana Asutin by pin fall

Austin is able to use her weight advantage for long parts of the match and was very fierce and aggressive when in control, not allowing McKenzie a second to break but she just could not put McKenzie away despite an awesome Weight drop DDT. Millie shows her fighting spirit answering back with some great wrestling, a top rope hand spring spear only gets a two count but with a German Suplex quickly followed by a running knee, Millie was able to pick the win by pin fall.

Gene Munny Vs TK Cooper

*Gene Munny defeated TK Cooper by pin fall.

It was a battle of pure athleticism vs pure power, TK had the Athleticism, hitting some truly innovative spring boards and sling shots, he also managed to hit a spectacular avalanche Spanish Fly and a thunderous headbutt but none of it was enough to put Munny away. Munny has that work horse power, when you get distracted by the character of Munny you get hit by his variety of old school power moves. Neither a middle rope diving bulldog or a running spine buster could get the job done but his Ainsley Lariat Clostheline could, Munny wins the match by pin fall.

Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II) vs North West Strong (Ethan Allen and Chris Ridgeway)

*Lykos Gym defeated Ethan Allen by pin fall

Allen and Ridgeway showed off some excellent wrestling and striking, Allen with more of Catch wrestling style whilst Ridgeway uses a more modern MMA grappling style and both are able to unleash an array of punishing kicks. Ridgeway and Allen would get the better of Lykos Gym during one on one exchanges but could not deal with the team work of Lykos Gym. Lykos and Lykos II were able to isolate both of their opponents with incredible tandem offence for long periods, eventually taking Ridgeway out with a baking tray to the knee, before hitting an incredible double team on Allen to pick up the win.

Chuck Mambo vs Spike Trivet

*Spike Trivet defetaed Chuck Mambo

Chuck Mambo frustrated Spike early on gliding around the ring effortlessly springboarding from one side of the ring to the other, that was until Spike grounded the high flyer, going after Mambo’s leg and viciously taking away Mambo’s biggest asset. For the remainder of the match Spike showed off a variety of leg locks, chop blocks and stomps as he would work over Mambo’s leg until the end, Mambo showed some fire and resilience in hanging in there as he long as he could but Spike picked up the win forcing Mambo to tap out to a leg lock.

Following the match Mambo, visibly dejected after his 3rd loss in row, slumps himself into the corner turnbuckle when TK Cooper comes down to the ring and gives Mambo a pep talk and offers to form a tag team, after a moment Mambo accepts and is helped to the back by TK.

Kanji vs Gisele Shaw

*Kanji defeated Gisele Shaw by pin fall

Gisele Shaw started slowly but took over and dominated for most of the match, she was cold and calculated as she took Kanji apart, setting her sights on the arm she injured during the previous chapter, she showed off her technical power but could not put Kanji away. Kanji showed her heart once more, she took plenty of physical abuse but kept kicking out, she would pick up the pace when she had a chance hitting a variety of exciting offence, hitting her springboard assisted stunner to pick up the win.

Cara Noir vs Luke Jacobs

A symphony of brutality, hard hitting action from bell to bell. Jacobs is a big hoss of young man and he used every bit of his weight with every shot, he is a total throw back to 90’s all Japan catch wrestling, a pure work horse power but despite hitting his clothesline he could not put an end to Cara’s title reign. Cara Noir has incredible endurance and is able to absorb a ridiculous amount of punishment before dishing right back on his opponents just to add to the theatrics and mind games almost makes him mythical, in the end Noir puts Jacobs away with a package piledriver to get the pin fall.

Another chapter in the bag and another great show, who will step up to plate and dethrone Cara Noir? what is next for Lykos Gym, will they continue to rule the Progress Wrestling tag division? when will Kanji challenge Jinny for the Progress Womens Championship? Progress Chapter 106: Put a Pony in Me Pocket is available to stream on the WWE Network and Progress’ own V.O.D service Demand Progress.

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