Rev Pro Epic Encounters 9 – Recap, Results and Review

Rev Pro Epic Encounters 9 was set for another epic night of wrestling. with two title matches confirmed including Jamie Hayter defending her Rev Pro Undisputed Women’s Championship for the first time against Skye Smitson and Micheal Oku also defending his Rev Pro Undisputed Cruiserweight champion against Kid Lykos II and more.

JJ Gale vs Chris Ridgeway

*Chris Ridgeway defeated JJ Gale by pin fall

JJ Gale showed heart, fire, grit, determination and all of those great adjectives when speaking of the young contender being out of his depth against a veteran of the scene, when Gale could get some offence in it was clean and crisp and you can see how well he has been trained. Ridgeway was in control of this match from bell to bell absorbing offence from Gale and just striking back sending the young man to floor. Ridgeway could have finished Gale of at any time but just looked to punish young contender, eventually putting him away with punt like penalty kick to get the pin fall.

Zoe Lucas and Bobbi Tyler vs Aleah James and Kanji

*Aleah James defeated Bobbi Tyler by pin fall

Lucas and Bobbi are able to isolate Kanji for much of the match after they clipped Kanji in the back of the head with Bobbi’s golf club, they used good team work and underhanded tactics to cut Kanji off from her partner James but Kanji eventually found the space to get James in the match.
Kanji and James started hot with some great athleticism, Kanji showed great resilience and was able to survive the onslaught from Lucas and Bobbi. James picked up the pace once she got into the match eventually catching and rolling Bobbi up with a great pinning predicament to pick up the win for their team, earning her a shot at Kanji’s Southside women’s championship.

Screwface Ahmed vs Ricky Knight Jr (RKJ)

*RKJ defeated Screwface Ahmed by pin fall

Screwface is a brute and bully using every bit of his weight with the hard shots he takes at RKJ and with Gideon Grey in his corner at times it made it a bit of a handicap match but despite every hard shot, every strong slam he could not put RKJ away. RKJ showed his heart and determination, able to withstand the damage and refusing to give up, RKJ would pick up the pace when needed giving him the edge over his larger opponent. RKJ also displayed his own heavyweight strength managing to lift Ahmed up and hitting the Rikishi Driver to pick up the win by pin fall.

Dan Moloney Vs Charlie Sterling

*Dan Moloney defeated Charlie Sterling by pin fall

A true heavyweight clash with power moves and heavy shots a plenty, Sterling had the size advantage and would use it well hitting Moloney with a variety of crushing back breakers as he looked to weaken Maloney for the Cloverleaf finisher but was unable to lock it in on Moloney. Moloney found himself fighting from underneath, something we’ve not seen often in his Rev Pro Career, with all the power moves in this match, the match surprisingly came to an end when Moloney was able to catch Sterling with a roll up to win the match by pin fall.

Skye Smitson vs Jamie Hayter

* Draw due to double count out

These ladies went straight for each other at the sound of the bell, swinging for the fences both girls were absolutely relentless, neither backing down from the other, the match spills to the outside and they just continue to go after one another until both women are counted out.

Michael Oku vs Kid Lykos II

*Michael Oku defeated Kid Lykos II via submission

Lykos was up to his usual shenanigans managing to get Conner Mills kicked out of the ringside and back to the locker room. Lykos was then able to take advantage of Oku’s over-zealousness, hitting an incredible slingshot code red and springboard Spanish fly but was unable to hit the Lykos patented Brainbuster. Oku was relentless from the start, attacking Lykos as he was tired of the mind games and shenanigans of the Lykos Gym. Oku showed his usual heart and determination Oku refused to give up, hitting a multitude of super kicks he eventually put Lykos away following a frog splash followed up by his single leg crab forcing Lykos to tap out.

Great in ring action from start to finish, Epic Encounters 9 delivered once again, Rev Pro have done a great job putting together the Epic Encounter series during the UK lockdown. You can watch all of the Epic Encounter series on Rev Pro’s V.O.D service Rev Pro on demand which is currently offering a two week free trial.

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