John Silver Talks About His Emotions On The Night Of The Brodie Lee Tribute Show

One of the most emotional moments of the Brodie Lee Tribute episode of Dynamite was the six-man tag where Hangman Page teamed with John Silver and Alex Reynolds to face MJF, Santana, & Ortiz. If it wasn’t the appearance of Erick Redbeard, Lee’s former tag team partner, that got you emotionally it might have been John Silver’s emotional reaction to picking up the victory at the end of the match. Silver, who was wearing ring gear bought for him by Brodie Lee, hit Lee’s signature pose and discus lariat before getting the pin.

Silver talked to Chris Van Vliet about that night, where he revealed how his emotions had really affected him that night. Part of it caused him to miss an early cue for The Dark Order, and the rest came out when he got the pinfall.

“I’m a pretty emotional guy, so that was difficult, but I thought I was going to be worse. The whole day was difficult, being around people. It was good too, but I’m like I can’t stop thinking about this. The match itself, if you look at the first match [Colt Cabana and The Young Bucks vs Matt Hardy and Private Party] If you look, I wasn’t there for the entrance, I come in late because I went to the back. I went to my room and I was not in a good mood. I forgot Colt was up and I forgot I had to do the entrance. When I heard the music and I thought screw it, I started running. You don’t see me coming out with them, but when Colt eventually does the pose, I’m there.” “The match itself, I got out there and I have the match on my mind. In a sense it is taking me away from Brodie, but it’s something to think about. It was right after once I hit the [discus] line it kind of all hit me at once. So, it was very difficult but it all hit me at once.”

Silver has found a new lease on life in the weeks following that. As the Dark Order have veered towards a face turn, the fans have managed to get behind him as he and Alex Reynolds continue to remain searching for friendship with Hangman. In fact, Silver will be teaming with Hangman tonight on Dynamite. You can watch the interview below.

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