Apollo Crews Says John Cena Would Grill Him Over Figuring Out Who He Was

Apollo Crews has changed himself up recently. The former United States Champion found himself in a new direction this past Smackdown, embracing the heritage of his family as he revealed his grandfather was a Nigerian prince. It took him a while to figure things out, but he was happy to credit one person for helping him find himself.

Crews was a guest on the After the Bell podcast with Corey Graves, and Crews revealed that he had several talks with John Cena when he first arrived on the main roster. Crews opened up and revealed that Cena would talk to him on a regular basis and ask him who he really is, something Crews didn’t know at the time.

“When I first got to the main roster at the top John Cena was still working and he would always pull me aside and be like, ‘Who is Apollo Crews? We gotta figure this out. Who is Apollo Crews?’ At the time, I’m just like the most generic… it’s so embarrassing to even think about it. It’s like, ‘I’m this guy, I work hard, dah dah dah.’ He’s like, ‘Well, everybody works hard, but who are you?’”

“I couldn’t answer him to save my life. It literally took me six years, I’m trying to figure out who is Apollo Crews. I didn’t know. I felt so embarrassed, to the point where I’d avoid trying to have conversations with him because I’m like, ‘I know he’s gonna ask me again today and I don’t have an answer for him.’”

Crews may not have realized it then, but Cena was pushing him to find something to bring to the table. It took him a while, but he may have finally found what Cena was trying to dig out of him. While admitting he finally embraced who he is, Crews may have taken the first step toward the stardom many have pegged him for.

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