The Forbidden Door Is Finally Opened!

One of the biggest news of the year happened last night, KENTA showed up on AEW Dynamite to attack Jon Moxley and to once and for all open the forbidden door.

Two of the biggest promotions in the world working together is very exciting news and the posibilites are now endless. Wrestling outside of the WWE bubble is more exciting than ever now.

AEW and NJPW finally ending their differences is what most wrestling fans wanted for quite some time now. Unfortunately, COVID-19 will slowdown this working relationship until things get back to a sense of normalcy one day.

Social media exploded last night with the forbidden door opening. Even two hours after Dynamite ended, the show was in the top 5 of trending topics on Twitter, so was KENTA, Bullet Club and other wrestling topics related to this event.

Both promotions will gain a lot in the long term from this relationship. AEW could send some of their young stars to NJPW tours to help them improve in-ring wise. Meanwhile, NJPW gains a lot by the fact their wrestlers are on TNT from time to time and this in proxy helps their US expansion.

One of the major questions I have about this working relationship is if STARDOM will work with AEW as well. Considering NJPW and STARDOM are owned by the same parent company (Bushiroad) it could be a matter of time for AEW to start working with STARDOM and strengthen their women’s division. Another important question is if IMPACT and NJPW will work as well together. Only time will tell.

This working relationship between AEW and NJPW is very similar in a way to the debacle that was Pro-Wrestling USA back in the 80s. For context, JCP, NWA, AWA and a few other promotions tried to band together to combat WWF’s TV expansion and to say it nicely, it didn’t work out well for anyone. Tony Khan is a student of the game and I’m sure he’ll be cautious of repeating the mistakes some promoters have made in the past.

The time to think of AEW-NJPW dream matches can finally begin. I for one I’m excited for the possibility of a Golden Lovers vs. Lucha Bros match.