Booker T Thinks Sting Went To AEW To End Things On His Terms

Everyone wants to be able to end things on their terms. Pro wrestlers would especially like to end their career on their terms, whether it’s going out as a winner, making sure they put over a new talent to take their place on the way out, or just one more memorable match. Sting may not have had a say in how his career ended thanks to a freak injury in a match with Seth Rollins in 2015. The almost forced decision to end his in-ring career may be playing a factor into why Sting signed with AEW if you ask Booker T.

Talking with Chris Van Vliet, the 5-time World Champion talked about how he felt being unable to end things the way he wanted played a significant part in Sting’s decision to sign with WWE.

“Hey bro, some guys just don’t want to quit. Some guys just don’t want to leave it alone and that’s what they do, you know? I never thought I’d see Sting doing this at 61 years old. I just didn’t think that. But I was talking on my show just last week, it’s hard sometimes to walk away from this business and then again after you’ve done it for so long you want to walk away from it your way. He didn’t get a chance to do that in WWE. So maybe now in AEW, he feels like he has a chance to go out there and do it his way and walk away from it. But for me, more power to those guys who want to go out there and do that but I wasn’t one of those guys that wanted to wrestle my whole life.”

The decision to add this chapter to his career was obviously a situation Sting felt too good to pass up. While it’s known he’ll be a full time personality on television, it’s been slowly revealed Sting will be working in-ring in some capacity as well, and Booker T wasn’t afraid to give his opinion on that either. You can watch the rest of the interview with Van Vliet below.

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