Former WWE Referee Questions AEW’s Partnership With Impact Wrestling

Kenny Omega and Don Callis appeared on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling and the entire professional wrestling world saw it. Omega was seen changing the name plates for the AEW World Title, throwing out Moxley’s name plates in the process.

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas questions the point in this. In the morning after Impact finished airing, he talked about Impact partnership with AEW. He said that he watched the show like everyone else and wondered why AEW is working with Impact Wrestling.

“I’m still questioning what good this does AEW other than to make them look good in the eyes of diehard wrestling fans that they are helping other promotions. Other than that, I don’t see the value for AEW.”

With the partnership between the two companies still in its initial phase, we will have to see how it will develop and whether it will benefit both promotions in the end.