Wardlow Loves Hard-Hitting Matches

After making his hugely impressive debut in the main event of an episode of Dynamite against Cody Rhodes, in the only cage match in AEW’s history so far, Wardlow has been one of the most quietly consistent talents in the AEW roster.

Standing as the bodyguard of MJF and being a recent addition to Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle, Wardlow has had the opportunities to have some big matches and we’ve been allowed to see his style of wrestling.

Wardlow has done nothing but impress people with his in-ring abilities

The war-dog of AEW recently appeared on his promotion’s official podcast, Unrestricted, hosted by referee Aubrey Edwards and commentator Tony Schiavone.

They ended up in a conversation about what it’s like to wrestle talent who may differ in in-ring style to himself. Mentioning the tournament matches against Jungleboy and Hangman Adam Page, the latter pulled a more enthusiastic response from the seemingly laid back big man:

Now that’s my favourite style of match. The bigger and harder you hit, the better. This is what I do, this is what I know, this is very real to me. When I go out there; I’m competing, I’m an athlete, I’m a wrestler. I’m not an entertainer, I’m not an artist. When I’m out there, am I entertaining? Absolutely. Do I create art? Art of war,  sure. I’ll create a painting with their blood. But I like hard hitting wrestling, beating the shit out of each-other and that’s what I had with Adam.

After being asked about his match with Page by Tony Schiavone

Wardlow goes on to discuss several more interesting things including his personal take and experiences involving WWE’s recruitment process.

Watch the full podcast on YouTube:

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