Wardlow Talks About His In-Ring Philosophy

Wardlow seems to be a man of mystery.

There isn’t much about the homegrown AEW talent before his arrival in the company. His debut in AEW as the hired muscle of MJF brought him from nowhere to a wider audience, and gave him a chance to show what he was capable of. He’s just shown that he’s more capable of violence than anything.

Speaking with AEW Unrestricted, the big man revealed that his philosophy behind wrestling is all about violence. Wardlow seems more comfortable looking at what he does as a war than sports entertainment.

“Wrestling for me, you know, this is what I do. This is what I know. This is very real to me. When I get out there, I’m competing. I’m an athlete. I’m a wrestler. I’m not an entertainer. I’m not an artist. You know, when I’m out there, am I entertaining? Absolutely. Do I create art? Art of war, sure. I’ll create a painting with their blood.”

Wardlow has been nothing short of absolutely devastating in the ring since his AEW debut. Considering his philosophy, you’re going to know his legacy by the trail of bodies Wardlow leaves in his wake.

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