James Storm Talks About Recent Return To IMPACT Wrestling

James Storm has had a strange 2020. He was nearly signed by the WWE, worked for and left the NWA, and recently came back for a brief stint in IMPACT Wrestling. James Storm was all too happy to return for his stint, and it’s left a lot of people wondering if he’s returning to his old stomping grounds.

Storm was a recent guest on The Angle podcast and was happy to discuss working with them and what could happen next with Impact.

“It was Scott D’Amore. He messaged me and was like hey we’re going to be in Nashville filming and wanted to see if you’re available we’d like for you to come in and be in this battle royal as a surprise entry. I was like yeah sure whatever you guys need. Then Alex Shelley got hurt so we’d like you to come back and be a tag team with Chris Sabin and I was like yeah. 1. It’d be fun and 2. I want to prove to everyone that I can still go when I need to. And I’m currently still a free agent we never did discuss contracts or anything like that. It was me going in and helping out when they needed help.”

Storm clearly wants to go where he can have the most fun and Storm still thinks he has a lot to prove. If it’s working with a company where he was a cornerstone for many years, all the more for him. Right now, it’s clear that having fun is his top priority and that fun may bring him back to IMPACT Wrestling at some point. You can watch the rest of the podcast below.

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