More Details On Drake Wuertz’s Controversial Parler Account

Last week, we reported on Drake Wuertz holding an account on the conservative social media platform Parler and how the account follows alt-right and widely considered domestic terrorist group the Proud Boys.

David Bixenspan of the Babyface v. Heel podcast has done more deep diving into the topic and the signs become significantly more alarming. While he has reported that the locker room has developed an “increasing distaste within NXT thanks to his views,” nothing was really newsworthy until recently.

Bixenspan’s investigation on this shows that the account has many signs the account is legitimate, though he seems to have changed the name since the revelation of its existence has appeared.

The investigation shows that the account has also followed conspiracy theorist and provocateur responsible for throwing gasoline on the “Pizzagate” theory, Dr. Simone Gold, a doctor that has touted the use of hydroxychloroquine to fight COVID-19 despite several reports that would suggest otherwise, and Stephen “Tommy Robinson” Yaxley-Lennon, an anti-Islam activist in the UK and former member of the British National Party before founding the English Defense League. The @DrakeWuertzFLA account had even sharing his posts using Parler’s “echo” feature, the equivalent of a retweet.

The Wuertz account actually has openly expressed QAnon views and shared information from One America News Network, a far right news organization that has openly supported Donald Trump and baseless conspiracies that support the far right and alt-right cause. Wuertz has also “voted” (Parler’s equivalent to a like on Twitter) a post from a Brittany Walker displaying a QAnon flag.

In addition, Wuertz has shared posts on the platform promoting baseless accusations against Hunter Biden involving the alleged laptop of his that was widely debunked to not belong to him. The account, when initially found, was showing heavy interaction with an account, @WuertzFamily, reported to be his wife according to the account’s bio. As of Monday, the @DrakeWuertzFLA account had returned with the account set to private and its followers purged. However, the @WuertzFamily account follows and shares content from the official Parler account for The Proud Boys.

Bixenspan has reached out to the WWE for comment on the activity of the account and if it’s causing Wuertz trouble, but has yet to receive a response as of the writing of the article yesterday. The article, with more details including screenshots from the account and more information on the posts he’s shared and agreed with can be found here.

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